The Great Gift Pile (of Manga)

by suimasenscans

This is what your pile of gifts would look like if it were human.

Well, it’s that time of season where everyone gets so busy that they can’t be bothered to make a release post for everything that’s gotten done, so why not get into the spirit of the season and make a giant omnirelease post with all the stuff you wanted to release anyway and treat it as one big present? Surely, you may say, the release post should contain at least one once-in-a-lifetime project to make up for all the trouble, but sadly that isn’t the case. However I think we do have a few cool things that you may enjoy, and they certainly are out of the ordinary. (If you’re here to figure out what the secret project is, just scroll down the page a little ways because I’m going to build this up by making the pile look bigger with ordinary stuff.)

Check under the tree (after the break):

First up: a pair of Katteni Kaizo chapters! [applause, oohs and aahs go here]

>> Katteni Kaizo 51 <<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: ??? ]

>> Katteni Kaizo 52 <<

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: nomit; Proofreader: Slyborg]

Next on the list is some Zetsubou-sensei!

>> SZS 283 <<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: ]

>> TL Notes <<

Now, while you’re sitting there in awe at the wonderful presents you’ve gotten so far, you may be wondering to yourself, “what if, just what if…Suimasen Scans was a shitscan group?” Well, your questions have been answered with cheerily holiday appropriate timing, as our raws were pretty shitty last week, and so we opted for the trifecta. Behold the first (and only) release by the bizzaro universe version of Suimasen Scans, “My Little Scangroup – Reading is Magic”

>> SZS 284 <<
[Translator: Suzu-sama; Typesetter: Cirno-san; Proofreader: Hanyuu-chan]

While we’re spamming things…

>> SZS v19 batch <<
>> SZS v19 omake<<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: slyborg; Proofreader: 無い]

Volume 19 was originally out at the end of 2009, so the omake is Christmas themed 😉

Also in the pile of releases for this beautiful Christmas Eve is January’s chapter of Hokkenshitsu! Despite the appearance of some [classified information] around in the near future through time travel, I assure you that this is perfectly normal, and we will continue to bring you releases of Hokkenshitsu a month ahead of time.

>> Hokkenshitsu 4 <<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: IO]

We also have a chapter of Root P to release, too. Umin hates the humor, B_B hates typesetting, but we’re still dragging this carcass down the road tied to the bumper. Not in any real danger of getting dropped, but is very likely to see somewhat slow releases over the next couple months while we work on it. I should also let you know that we’re at the halfway point for this, I guess. The less said, the better.

>> Root Paradise 11 <<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: B_B; Proofreader: ]

Now to bring out a release from one of our less frequently seen series: Tokyuu. Our TL for it has been pretty busy with life for the last few months, and even though I suppose we could troll for another TL for it, this manga is kind of her baby, and finding another TL for it would be morally equivalent to the FBI storming a house to reunite Elian Gonzalez (in this metaphor, the manga) with his Cuban father (likewise, the reader). So, enjoy it while you can, and hopefully in the coming year releases for it will be more frequent.

>> Tokkyuu 13 <<
End of volume 2

[Translator: Hika; Typesetter: Ketsuban; Proofreader: Oyashiro]

And now the moment you probably haven’t been waiting for, the identity of the secret project….Occult Academy! [*gasps of amazement and wonder*] Last month Umin and I decided for a change of pace, so we opted to go with the Occult Academy manga. It’s short (one volume) and pretty simple to TL, and as a bonus, Umin liked the anime version. I think in Umin’s eyes, it measured up far short of the anime, but I think it’s worth the read (and not just because I spent a week typesetting it).

>> Occult Academy <<
[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreaders: IO and ariel; Special Thanks: Hipek]

Finally, sly would like you to have a Christmas card. It’s not like he likes you or anything.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone.


(Bad news, Getenrou is delayed until the middle of next month, feel free to read Kotonoha’s version if they end up doing it. Yes, I’m upset too. =_=

F/K 18 is on its wei

Couple of other neat things on the way in coming days)

12 Comments to “The Great Gift Pile (of Manga)”

  1. Thanks for more Root Paradise – have a great holiday!

  2. Thanks for the releases, and I wwish you a merry christmas.

  3. **Zetsubou Sensei Wa!**

    Merry Xmas!

  4. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin is good because of Maya’s dress. And well, the rest of her too.

  5. Ha ha! You guys are freaking great.

  6. 39 for the presents and happy holidays!

    @Umin (continuation from; sorry about the hiatus): You’re wrong. It doesn’t matter what you or I would do. First of all the person you’re writing about counts most. Even his Japanese wikipedia page states his name in Latin script as Tulio and I’m pretty sure he himself pronounces it this way. After that it’s the reader who counts. You want to explain something to the (here: English speaking) audience. One thing you shouldn’t do is irritating by using a term that differs from the established one. It’s similar to translating something: Use terms the audience is aware of as often as possible. Turio isn’t such a term but Tulio is.
    Other examples of Japanese having an /l/ in their names, although it’s not marked in script: 岡本 倫, 松本 零士 and 華原 朋美. (I know it’s not exactly the same, because the kanji weren’t chosen by themselves to express a foreign name, but the principle remains the same) Their (more common) names aren’t Rin, Reiji or Kahara. It’s (Okamoto) Lynn, (Matsumoto) Leiji and Kahala (Tomomi).
    And it’s not just anthroponyms. The same goes for toponyms (Cardiff instead of Caerdydd, Munich instead of München, Naples instead of Napoli, etc.), ergonyms (モンチッチ is Monchhichi instead of Monchitchi) and all the other kinds of names as well. If there’s an established term in the other language: Use it!
    As for Tanaka-san, there’s just one exception: If he himself prefers it the other way and tells everyone to use an r to pronounce or write his second name – which leads us back to this post’s fourth sentence.

  7. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

  8. Thanks for the releases and hope you enjoy your holidays.
    Just wondering, SZB doesn’t have any TS notes? Checked the wiki but they weren’t there.

    • Haven’t gotten them up on the wiki yet, unfortunately, since we’ve been kind of busy. They should be up in a couple of days, though.

  9. You guys are awesome!! Merry Christmas ^^

  10. Thanks, Merry Christmas.

  11. Thanks for the releases. I want to say that Root Paradise ch03 page 043 is missing!!

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