Reach the Beach (FK 2wei 18)

by slyborg

So as I pray, Unlimited Pantsu Works

So, our little 2wei Droogies, we have not forgotten you. Here is the next chapter of FK 2wei to warm you up (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere). Illya and friends finally get to the beach, only to encounter a recent adversary, dressed surprisingly casually…

>> Get 2wei 18 here <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Raws: whirlygirl]

Oya has a bunch of stuff up his kimono sleeves, including the next installment of Getenrou, so please wait warmly for more releases shortly. KK OVA 6 is still in the pipeline, you might want to get out some sake to wait warmly for that, but we will finish it…

12 Comments to “Reach the Beach (FK 2wei 18)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. I love you all! Thanks for that.

  3. Wrong, it’s “So as I pray, Unlimited ASS Works”

    Also, thanks for the translation of the new chapter

  4. thanks for the new chapter;D

  5. Depositfiles is blocked in my country.


    • (a) Learn to proxy.
      (b) What file services does your country not block?

      Mediafire’s redesign to do…something, I don’t really get it except it had made them 10 times more irritating to use and got them on my shitlist so they’re banned for new releases by me at least.

    • Do you know Hotspotshield? (
      It’s a VPN-Service that gives you a US-IP and it’s pretty easy to use, even if you have no clue at all how to set up proxies. Might be a little slow depending on what time it is when you use it, but it should definitely be fast enough to download a normal manga chapter at a tolerable speed.

  6. FINALLY, lol

  7. For good note is a really good ddl site, and so is fileserve and filesonic.

  8. Depositfiles feeds on the souls of the stillborn and aborted in order to make as vile, buggy, and unpleasant an experience as possible for leechers.

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