Cleaner/Typesetter for Azazel-san needed

by suimasenscans

Three typesetters down, none to go. Series seems to chew through our ranks. Experience likely needed. If interested, please apply on our IRC channel #suimasenscans, server is

Sly and I don’t have time to TS this on top of all our other projects, so if no one shows up, it’s most likely going to get dropped so some other group can do it justice.

Perhaps a video of a rocket is an appropriate analogy for our ambitions for this title.


PS: Migrating SZS to tankobon raws is probably going to be dead in the water for the time being. If anyone feels like doing it, feel free to use our translations to do the job. Let us know, we’ll direct the traffic your way.

5 Comments to “Cleaner/Typesetter for Azazel-san needed”

  1. May I ask what are the requirements of typesetting? Does a typesseter needs to have knowledge on japanese?

  2. I’m interested in doing typesetting. I have little experience in it and I really like Azazel-san too.

  3. Um, I’m a little interested in doing some typesetting… ^^;

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