Rated M for Mammies. (R-18!)

by royalgreentea

-R18! chapter 1-

It’s a new Project by me and Sari~!
The story is about a jobless girl who gets a job at an Eroge company.
There’s PLOT and HUMOR, so what are you waiting for!?
(And there’s a decent amount of Yuri too.)

-GreenTea (Gosh I miss that cat who visited me)

9 Comments to “Rated M for Mammies. (R-18!)”

  1. Saw the tag on mangaupdate: Seinen, Yuri

    .- . WUT

  2. A new manga appears?!! Thanks GreenTea and all who keep bringing us quality stuff

    Suimasen… forgot my reaction

  3. Related to R-15 or Koe no Oshiogoto perhaps?

  4. I dig, I dig!

    But there was too little in this, I want more! More descent into depravity! I love it when women talk about porn!

  5. I have some raws of this manga. Would it be of any help?

  6. It’s been 1 year since chapter 1. Any news about this one?

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