A Fishy Situation (Azazel-san 04)

by slyborg

Sakuma-chan is pure

A wild Azazel-chapter suddenly appears! We’ve been killing off typesetters with this title left and right, but we’ve got some good news on this front. First off, we’re pleased to welcome a new recruit to the team, Vagelio, who did a fine job with this chapter! Second, we will now be doing this as a joint with MC Reborn who we will be alternating chapter sets with to help spread out the workload. In any case, please enjoy this installment of Azazel-san, and look for the next chapter from MC Reborn shortly…

So, I’m experimenting with various auto-mirrors in order to get some redundancy in storage, suimasen for the extra steps here. Let me know if there’s major issues with this technology; most of these will support shotgunning the whole file service world, but I’m sticking with the ones I know work, although as you can see, hotfile effed it up here already. If there are suggestions on particular hosting sites that are easy to use, I’d be happy to entertain adding them.

>> Get Azazel 04 here <<
[Translator: Umin Typesetter: Vagelio Proofreader: Ariel]

>> MC Reborn has chapter 5 up here <<

7 Comments to “A Fishy Situation (Azazel-san 04)”

  1. Sweet stuff! Thanks for your hard work. Also the dl link is not working =/

  2. For which service? You should get linked to mirrorcreators download link page, and then be able to get it from depositfiles or mediafire…

  3. I just get the following error for the hole site: “Host ‘server.mirrorcreator.me’ is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts'”

  4. Never mind, was the site lacking support for opera. Thanks yet again for the release!

  5. Congratulations you guys! This makes me happy.



  7. I’ve translated Chapter 6 of Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san – The Crying Bull. And it’s here: http://iemonsy.tumblr.com/post/25218708314/yondemasuyo-azazel-san-vol-1-chapter-6

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