Cupidity (FK 2wei 19, Hokkenshitsu 6)

by slyborg

Happy St. Valentine’s Day from Suimasen. We don’t have any chocolates for you, but we do have a couple of manga chapters with cute girls doing cute things, so you can pretend that they might be giving you some giri-choco today, when in fact you will be buying yourself a Snickers bar from a vending machine. Look on the bright side – your task for White Day is thus also much simpler!

First up, yet another tardy chapter of Fate/kaleid. My excuse this time is that I decided to spend inordinate amounts of time redrawing the title page. You may judge for yourself whether or not it was worth the wait, but in any case, this concludes the beach service episode for the inevitable future anime adaptation.

>> Get 2wei 19 here <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: Oyashiro Raws: whirlygirl]

Next up is the latest Hokkenshitsu, featuring a botanical lesson on Chinese catnip aka feline meth. From Oyashiro-sama: “I wanted to do something useful to celebrate my birthday, but I was a useless git for most of the day, and so I ended up being late. My apologies. Here’s my birthday present, a manga about girls trying to figure out the proper method of petting suspicious cats.”

>> Get Hokkenshitsu 6 here <<
[Translator: Umin Typesetter: Oyashiro Naturalist: slyborg]

One of the odd fun facts of Suimasen is that Oya and I have consecutive birthdays, I being his senpai on February 12th, a birthday that as it happens  I share with Charles Darwin, speaking of naturalists.As for the saint whose feast day is today, February 14th is actually when he was buried, not his birthday, which is April 16th. So I suppose you could say St. Valentine’s Day actually is a celebration of the man who buried love… (a chococoronet for the first person to get the reference without using Google <_<)

Oh all right. Have a box of SZS girls.

Zetsubou Valentine

6 Comments to “Cupidity (FK 2wei 19, Hokkenshitsu 6)”

  1. I take it now that 2wei 19 is finished the KK OVA will soon follow!

  2. Thanks for the new episode. As far as to where they got the cat costume head, they probably borrowed it from the K-On girls. For reasons best known to themselves, they all dressed up in animal costumes during their membership drive. Tsumugi wore the cat costume with a big cat head.

  3. I had to Google your question anyway. I assume you are referring to a certain labor leader. The artwork on the picture of the SZS girls is very nicely done.

  4. Are you ever going to release Katte ni Kaizou 6 ova? It’s been “translated” since long ago.

  5. Was it just me, or did Shirou’s monologue resemble NASU-narration?

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