Last Call for SZS Vol. 13

by slyborg

Delicious pączki, you must eat them

We thought that this day would never come … but Kodansha USA will be releasing SZS Vol. 13 here in the US next week on Feb. 21 (Happy Pączki Day!), and pursuant the Scanlator’s Code (Section I, Sub-paragraph 4a) we will be removing our links to the relevant chapters from this tankoubon. Get ’em while they’re warm (this is also good advice for pączki)…



8 Comments to “Last Call for SZS Vol. 13”

  1. please remove my comment before the release of SZS in the US.
    Simplest way would be to replace the dead megaupload v13 batch link with my link.

  2. Pączki day WTF? It’s called Fat Thursday in Poland.

    • We call Fat Tuesday Pączki Day in Chicago because thanks to the large Polish population here, there are many fine bakeries that will stock up on glorious pączki around Fat Tuesday.

  3. Mnie się podoba Pączki Day. 🙂

  4. Faworki (also know as angel wings is some English speaking countries) > pączki


  5. It’s like comparing heaven and earth – thus, pointless. But on the other hand… pączki>faworki. Faworki’re /Faworki’s?/ too blend for my taste.

  6. Aquí en México a los pączki les llaman “enamorados” gracias por su trabajo me gustan mucho los mangas que traducen; Saludos.

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