Aojiroi Mangetsu (FK 2wei 20)

by slyborg

Seriously? You're getting animated?

The mysterious 8th card that may hold the key to the puzzle of the class cards is the objective of the fightan mahou lolis and their senpais, and final plans are laid for the Mirror World transfer that will lead them to it … and the inevitable battle with whatever entity it has become …

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[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Raws: whirlygirl]

So, this happens to be the 2nd anniversary of my first release with Suimasen, which happens to have been F/K 2wei chapter 7… Mukashi, mukashi, I was dragooned into working on this by our burrito-flavored founder mekishikoanon, after he decided on irc that I wasn’t really hika. As it happens, I’ve enjoyed working on the series, which has been lulzworthy and features much fine drawing by Hiroyama-sensei, and look forward to continuing to bring you the series via our sorry scanlations. Thank you all for reading!

On the topic of just how much more F/K is in the offing … serialization is now up to chapter 26, so the suggestion I had seen that volume 5 is the final tank for 2wei seems like it can’t be right unless they put more than the usual 5 chapters into that volume. Ch. 26 does not conclude the 8th Card combat arc, so there will be at least one more chapter there, and probably a wrap-up, so looks to me like 2wei will go at least 30 chapters. Probably only Nasu knows for sure…

5 Comments to “Aojiroi Mangetsu (FK 2wei 20)”

  1. Best day of the week has arrived, thank you!
    Now we wait for the anime adaptation as well.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Volume 5 is NOT the last, seeing as it ends on a freaking cliffhanger, seems to start another arc, and the 8th card isn’t even close to being resolved.

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