Karn Evil 6 (KK OVA Ep. 6)

by slyborg

So long, and thanks for all the insanity.

Well, it’s been a year since the first volume of the Katte ni Kaizō OVAs came out, so to celebrate, I decided to actually finish this :/ Guess it’s a good time to wind up loose ends around here…

So all props to our intrepid translator Umin, who decided to tackle the daunting task of translating 15 chapters worth of KK in order to produce our scripts. She’s singlehandedly translated more Kōji Kumeta into English than any translator in the world, and only became slightly insane in the process. Special honorable mention to meki, the Chaos That Crawls Up To You With A Taco, who successfully agitated the start of this project and then decided to have a real life after successfully defeating mandoric.

I’d like to say it’s been fun, but solo subbing comes closest to repeatedly smacking yourself in the head with a brick – it feels really good when you stop. Still, I hope somebody has enjoyed our work here, and if SHAFT ever decides to do more Kumeta, I will wait warmly with everyone for someone else to sub it… 😉

1080p up in a few, since I just discovered that Zero-Raws cleverly muxed the Ep 5 audio with Ep 6, so I have to remux this with my audio and resync it. Being fansubber is suffering…

AniDB Info

This episode contains material from KK chapters 273, 235, and 286; the movie promo bits are from chapter 129.

720p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 06 (1280×720 BD AAC).mkv – (Torrent) (DDL)
1080p: [Elesa-Suimasen] Katte ni Kaizou – 06 (1920×1080 BD FLAC).mkv – (Torrent) (DDL)

Staff Credits
Umin – Translation  – Only harassed me very occasionally as to why it was taking six months to sub a 24 minute OVA.
slyborg – :Stuff:  – Entirely useless

Special honorable mention to ReimuHakurei, who volunteered to do karaoke on the insert song, but I made an executive decision not to bother since the song is retarded. Since I don’t have TL Notes up for this yet, let’s just cover that bit right here.

The song is actually “Dokkidoki Love Mail” by Matsuura Aya, a product of the idol factory Hello! Project. PV here. The shopping district sign in the background of the insert song segment is called “Matsuura Shopping Street”, and a building sign references another song by her ” Chuuburira “. Basically, somebody at SHAFT apparently has a major jones for this girl (-_-) Also, Shinbo confirmed for better framing than the average music PV director in Japan.

Oh. In case you don’t get the omake bit at the end, which I didn’t at first, either :/ It’s a reference to Kumeta’s leaving Shogakukan for Kodansha to do SZS 😀

2wei is next on the agenda, I will be attempting to bankai and get the rest of the series done before 3rei comes out … oh look, here’s the July Comp Ace with … Fate/kaleid PRISMA Illya 3re1! Ch. 1 (-___-)

Update: 1080p links are up.

36 Comments to “Karn Evil 6 (KK OVA Ep. 6)”

  1. 1ST!

    Thanks so much for the episode! THIS SHOW SO RANDOM IT’S AWESOME!


  2. Thank you!

    Will you also release 1080p for OAV 3 and 4?

  3. Excellent. The wait was long but well worth it. Thanks =3

  4. thanks

    will there be a batch?

    • We’re very low-rent around here, so we don’t have any distro with the bandwidth to support a batch, sorry.
      I will re-up the episodes that were up on fileserve.

  5. Thanks for the new episode. There sure was a lot of material packed into 24 minutes.

  6. Kumeta must be major league ticked off with Shonen Sunday for having cancelled Katteni Kaizou. He brings it up every other month.

    • The small extra sequence (which is based on an extra page from the Kaizou reprint) in my opinion is rather a reference to the joint 50 year anniversary of Sunday and Magazine. I don’t think Kumeta is still ranting much against Sunday or he wouldn’t have even allowed to make all these reeditions of his old stuff (even drawing color pics for them). There’s also no word whatsoever about all the stuff in SZS and Joshiraku volumes, so I think he’s actually rather happy about the work they do now. The person who made Katte ni Kaizou get cancelled apparently doesn’t work for Shogakukan anymore, too.

      • So I think the whole meaning of the end omake was the reference to Kumeta’s move to Kodansha (hence the whole dressing up as Sensei bit), and then the (just happened) joint anniversary reference as a kind of “ha ha and we’re all friends now” kind of thing. So I think that bit was sort of an explicit burying of the hatchet. Shoga most likely paid most of the production costs of the OVAs (since they were to promote the re-issue of KK), so they wouldn’t have put in anything that was a dig at them, as Umin says.

  7. I appreciate the ELP reference.

    • It sure seems to me that the sequence with Kaizou escaping from what seems to be a prison and transforming into Zetsubou Sensei is another dig at Shonen Sunday. Looking at random at my SZS collection, I find the following on the second page of the Paper Blog of volume 14: “So, ahem, before he died, the deceased [Kumeta!] drew manga for Kodansha, and before that he worked for Shonen Sunday and Shogakukan … Wait! You want me to talk about all that? At this point!? Right when I was beginning to forget about those days of shame and humiliation.”

      I am not saying he is in a rage, and a lot of what he says is for comic effect, but he still brings it up and he doesn’t sound at all pleased. Of course, volume 14 is copyrighted 2008, but it still seems to come up. As far as him reprinting his Sunday material, well that is money in the bank for him.

      I saw the Youtube “Dokkidoki Love Mail” video. All I can say is to produce something that bad amounts to a form of genius. I thought the tune was rather catchy though.

      On another note, I notice that you are no longer looking for volume 2 raws for Joshiraku, so I assume you now have them in your possession. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the anime, even if Shaft won’t be producing it.

      • I recently saw online the designs for the Joshiraku anime characters prepared by J.C. Staff. They look pretty good, a lot more detailed than the usual J.C. Staff productions.

        • We’ll see… I’m actually kind of critical since I heard from so many sides that JC Staff tend to have quality problems when they have more than one show a season 😡

          • I would agree with you that J. C. Staff tends to turn out work of somewhat lower quality than some other firms. That’s why I was pleased with what seem to me to be high quality character designs for this show. If you haven’t already, you can check them out on the anime’s web page.

  8. for god’s sake someone take away Matsuura Aya’s greenscreen before she hurts herself

  9. Bill: actually all I see on the offical anime site (http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/joshiraku/ or is it another one!?) is the group picture that has been there for ages. Moreover, well, I don’t really think designs say that much about how it will actually look on TV :/

    • Advertising pictures and opening animation tend to be better quality than the actual episodes. However, I think they are off to a good start. I agree with you that little can be said from one picture. However, the character designer is listed as Masayoshi Tanaka, and I note that he has a long string of very creditable work behind him, according to his work list on Anime News Network. A lot of people liked his work on Toradora! The director appears to be Tsutomu Mizushima, who likewise appears to be skilled. He recently directed the anime Another, which I saw and thought was outstanding from the director’s standpoint, and which garnered much deserved praise. The staff as a whole appears to me to be quite competent, so I have hopes for a good production. All they have to do is stick with Kumeta’s script, and I for one will be satisfied. But even if it stinks I will still like it.

  10. Will you be doing the specials?

    • I assume you’re asking about Fate/kaleid; the answer is yes, I think I’ve got three in the queue here, counting one 3 pager in the 02-2012 Comp Ace.

      • I think he meant the 3 7-9 min. extras of KK.

        • I’m actually not aware of any such extras … if you have the BDs, you’ll find an extra file which is actually the full C-parts of Episodes 1,3, and 5 which SHAFT for unknown reasons split between two episodes … actually I assume it’s so SHAFT could do less work :/

          In any case, if that’s what you meant, no, I don’t plan on subbing them separately, there doesn’t seem to be much value there.

  11. Posted by minoru, Today 18:01
    Finally! Thanks so much!

  12. Your work represents a unique contribution to Japan vs. Sane-Universe foreign relations.

  13. Thanks for ep 6 1080p.

    “I will re-up the episodes that were up on fileserve.”
    I’m still missing 3&4 1080p as it seems they didn’t make it anywhere else on the internet, so thank you for this!

  14. Not sure if anyone else still cares, but I managed to track the missing 1080p episodes:

    ep 3 http://depositfiles.com/files/r6f5vxpex
    ep 4 http://depositfiles.com/files/t0ikj9x3a

  15. DDL for 1080p of ep#1 and #2 are offline, Any way to get this 2 eps?

  16. thanx for the hard work!! Will you also do the specials?

  17. Thank you so much for completing this! Been waiting a long time for the final OVA. 🙂
    Now when you said that the specials were actually the full C-parts of Episodes 1, 3, and 5, did you mean that they are already part of your releases (as part of eps. 1, 3 & 5)? Same content as the ending parts of those episodes? And if they have different content but you don’t want to sub them, would you mind uploading the raws? I haven’t been able to find them anywhere and would like it if I could at least see the raws, if not the subbed version.

    • >already part of your releases

      Exactly. SHAFT essentially padded out the BDs by stitching together the segment they split between the two episodes. It does have the benefit of not having the OP/ED break in the middle, but you have seen everything that is in those. The only one that is marginally of interest is the C-part of Ep. 1, which has the entire ‘rocket penis’ pool segment in one go.

  18. Oh great! That clears it up. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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