Button-Down Girls (SZS 289)

by suimasenscans

The true face of positivism.

It’s graduation season for the girls (let’s forget we skipped ahead 13 chapters for the moment), and preparations for their big event are in full swing. Everyone’s busy, especially Ookusa-san, who’s job is to make second buttons for high school uniforms. Discussion ensues about objects that need to be in a certain place to live up to their names. And nipple-pinching. Don’t forget the nipple-pinching.

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>> TL Notes <<

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: GreenT; Proofreader: Oyashiro]

I’ll be working on TL Notes for this, chapter 290, 292, 299 and 301 this morning. Chapter 290 will be along whenever I finish the proofread and Bulan gets around to finishing the QC. 291’s moving a little slow due to translation difficulty (i.e. the jokes are incomprehensible in any language other than Japanese). 292 may be out first, since Wutz already has most of it typeset. We’ll see from there. Once SZS is done, I don’t know what the situation is going to be. We may either help Sly out with F/K, or maybe turn our attentions to KK.


5 Comments to “Button-Down Girls (SZS 289)”

  1. ” Once SZS is done”

    Are you referring to these last chapters, or everything left untranslated?

    Also thanks for the chapter!

    • Most likely (and unfortunately), just these last chapters. Umin’s kind of ambivalent about the ones that haven’t been scanlated yet past volume 19.

    • Personally, I think it will depend on whether or not Kodansha USA drops SZS. They’re done a decent job up until v14, so we’ve kind of figured we could let them do their thing. But the fact that v15 is mysteriously not available for preorder, and should have been released per the previous 2-month schedule they were following is disturbing….

      • I actually have a kind of premonition that they just might decide to publish it new and in omnibus format now that it’s finished with an even number of volumes. wouldn’t be surprised to see that coming…

  2. Thanks for the new episode.

    Also, that reference on the last page by Itoshiki to “Sunday” seems to me to be yet another reference to Shonen Sunday. I still maintain that if Kumeta is still bringing up Shonen Sunday this late in the game, he is still sore at them.

    As far as canceling volume 15 of SZS, that would seem to me to be very strange. Volume 14 was on the New York Times best seller list for manga. As far as I can tell, SZS is in fact one of Kodansha USA’s best sellers (for reasons I don’t understand). When I checked at Kodansha USA’s website, it appears to me that in fact Kodansha does not list any of their prospective manga; all they list are volumes they have already published or which are being published that month..

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