Color Me Blood Red (SZS 290)

by bulanbek

“I sensed at once that in the perfect order of the universe a breach had opened, an irreparable rift.” – Italo Calvino, If on a winter’s night a traveller

In winter many things fade, frost over, or lose their color. The girls of class 3-F have the opposite problem- they’re seeing colors where none should exist! Soon enough, they start to see more than just colors…

The unexpected revelations begun in Chapter 289 continue here! (Also continuing: wanton abuse of Sensei’s nipples.)

>> Get SZS 290 Here <<

>> TL Notes <<

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Bulan; Proofreader: IO]

3 Comments to “Color Me Blood Red (SZS 290)”

  1. Thanks for the new installment. I have read a few comments on line and I am starting to see how things are matching up. It would not surprise me if Kumeta had not planned things right from the start.

  2. Here’s what Abiru read on page 2:

    Kafuka: Hey there, people! I’m Bobby Brown.

    Nami: They say you’re the cutest boy in town!
    Kafuka: My car is fast…

    Nami: …your teeth is shiny.

    Kafuka: I tell all the girls they can kiss my…

    This fits just perfect with “shimoneta ôji’s” style of jokes, Chiri’s expression in 2/5 and Abiru’s line in 3/5.

    By the way, you left out Abiru’s line in 4/3 (a) and the ending text on page 12 (b). So let me try to fill the gaps:
    (a) 逆に 何故みんなに見えない…On the contrary! Why can’t you see them?
    (b) あびるちゃんの角膜が知る真実とは?そして忍び寄る影武者!・・なんだこのクライマックス感(笑) 。…What’s the truth Abiru-chan’s cornea knows? And the creeping kagemusha! And what about this impression of a climax (Laugh)?

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