Subterranean Marriage Proof Blues (Hokkenshitsu 8)

by suimasenscans

Think of the things she could have said! THINK OF THE THINGS!

What happens when you say you’re married? How do you prove it? Especially when your students won’t take your proof as incontrovertible evidence? Sensei sort of has that problem. It only gets worse when she brings in what she thinks is her trump card.

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: Bulan]

So we’re a couple of months behind on Hokkenshitsu, not to mention the months to years behind we are on other projects. Sly’s working full steam ahead on F/K, and is hoping to finish 2wei soon. We’ve also got a small army working on the final 10 chapters of SZS, so those should be done in the next couple of weeks.  Hopefully soon on the horizon are some chapters of Joshiraku and some of the other projects that have  sort of fallen by the wayside.


5 Comments to “Subterranean Marriage Proof Blues (Hokkenshitsu 8)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter. Also, I was happy to hear of some activity on the Joshiraku front. The Joshiraku anime should be starting shortly, so you may need to upgrade your server to handle the hordes of hits you can expect from new Joshiraku fans.

    • Nah, the most people we’ve had visit the site on one day is just over 3000, and that was for Aki Sora. Even with Fate/Kaleid, our next most popular series, the most people we have visit on any given day is around 1500. I doubt Joshiraku will much go over that.

      • I agree that Joshiraku is not, and probably never will be, horde material. I just like to imagine that it is. It has reached its fourth volume in Japan, however. I was reading that dream sketch on your blog, by the way, and I left a note on it concerning the story “The Mask” by Robert W. Chambers which was included in “The King in Yellow,” a Lovecraft favorite. The story is easily available on line.

        • It’s entirely possible that I dredged that up from my subconscious. 2008/2009 was near the peak of my Lovecraft binge and I think I first read “The King in Yellow” around that same time frame. That bit of writing came about as a dark fever dream when I was bedridden with severe flu (probably the Mexican flu that I managed to catch before the main outbreak really started up). It’s not really a story, per se, but a collection of images that I could best remember and string together.

          • It is lucky for Chambers that he wrote “The King in Yellow.” If he had not, he would have been completely forgotten. But there are a lot of authors who, after a lifetime of writing, are remembered for a single story or even for a few lines of poetry. But all you need is a single hit. Likewise for scanlators; you may not be able to tell the results of your labors until many years down the road.

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