The Epitome of Femininity (Hokkenshitsu 10)

by suimasenscans

I’ll sue you!

Sacchan is having an identity crisis. It comes as a shock to her that the girls have mistaken her for a boy for the last nine chapters. She doesn’t feel feminine enough, and each of the girls has a different idea of what it means to be feminine…

>> Get Hokkenshitsu 10 here <<

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Oyashiro; Proofreader: Slyborg]

Now that I’m done with catching up with Hokkenshitsu, I’ll stop torturing myself with cleaning and typesetting 12 pages a night for 4 nights out of the last week. I think I’m probably well on my way to developing carpal-tunnel typesetting on this laptop. Other stuff soon, I need some serious sleep.


4 Comments to “The Epitome of Femininity (Hokkenshitsu 10)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode. Your team is really going all out lately. Make sure you put a splint on your wrist for the carpal tunnel syndrome.

  2. Thanks for the release. Any idea how many chapters are left?

  3. Hokkenshitu is in current serialization in the monthly seinen magazine Young Ace and this chapter is from the most recent (July) edition.

  4. you might have to zoom in to see it better, excuse me for the poor image hosting choice. i also know im late to the szs finale bandwagon
    i couldnt resist drawing something like this
    its not like i wanted to use this opportunity to post shippy art, baka.

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