A Surfeit of Swords (FK 2wei 22)

by slyborg

Wait… that’s not my car keys…

So, if you perhaps thought Bazett was kidding when she said she was holding back when fightan the Fightan Mahou Lolis before, you may revise your opinion after seeing her in full BEAST MODE. But is even that enough against the [spoiler] Gate of Babylon [/spoiler]?

>> Get 2wei 22 here <<
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[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofread: IO Raws: whirlygirl]

Still looking around for a mirror service that supports Mediafire…things have been quiet since Megaupload went down, but having all of your stuff in one place is a recipe for deletion. Of course, this particular series is backed up on over9000 aggregators hosted in China, but we like to provide you the option of non-watermarked scanlations from our atelier of fine scans.

6 Comments to “A Surfeit of Swords (FK 2wei 22)”

  1. “atelier”… I like that

  2. I see that some progress is being made on the Joshiraku front. Just in time for the anime.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  4. HOLY MONGRELS IT IS HIM AFTER ALL. While it was the obvious answer still mildly surprised, if only because the corrupted grail couldn’t actually corrupt him at all. I’ll be curious to find out the real scoop behind it all. In the mean time yeah, time to flee like little mice because that is WAY too much to handle unless they can somehow whip out Avalon or trace Zeltretch again or similar ridiculous h4x.

  5. They need to use UWB to defeat him. Avalon to counter Enuma Elish.

    Then in Drei, we would like to see all remaining Fate/Zero Servants.

  6. Fuck yeah, King of Heroes.

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