Mooned (Joshiraku 14)

by bulanbek

This plotline was rejected for the fourth Twilight movie because it was “too highbrow.”

With the release of the Joshiraku anime adaptation, we figured that it was high time we get off our lazy butts and get more of the manga translated. We’re still <cough> over a year <cough> behind, but catching up fast.

For those of you who are new to Joshiraku and are interested in picking up the series from the beginning now that it’s on TV, chapters 1-13 can be found here.

In this chapter the girls participate in Tsukimi, the traditional autumn viewing of the moon. This being Joshiraku, things immediately go off the rails and our budding rakugoka are confronted by an enraged, seven-foot-tall rabbit! What will be their fate? Read Joshiraku Chapter 14 and find out!

>> Get Joshiraku 14 Here <<

[Translators: Hika, Kasu; Typesetter: Bulan; Proofreader: IO]

15 Comments to “Mooned (Joshiraku 14)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode. My candidate for “weirdest anime or manga of all time” used to be Galaxy Express 999 until Joshiraku come along. This is crazier than Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei because it has less structure. It seems to be Kumeta just free-associating. I am never going to be able to look at the moon in the same way again. By the way, the lady in outline on the top panel of page 7 seems to be Sazae-san. Thanks again.

  2. I haven’t got the faintest idea how they can make an anime out of this disjointed craziness. We will find out soon enough.

  3. The raws for the first anime episode are already up. I couldn’t understand it, but artwork and pacing seem to be well above J.C. Staff standard.

    • It looks superb. After seeing it, I told myself, “Never before have I been excited of an anime about the random conversations of little girls.” The voices, their slight movements, and the way they just look… *sigh*. I’m just excited. Thanks for the chapter.

      • I think it is interesting because it is the random free associations of Koji Kumeta.

      • One of the most popular and successful anime of the past five years has a story consisting almost entirely of five crazy girls who do almost nothing except say silly things, eat cake and drink tea. Whether or not something is any good depends on what you do with it.

    • Comments should be fixed. It’s been ages since I’ve had to tweak settings for comments here, so I’d forgotten that we were running on slightly customized settings here.

  4. The first episode of the Joshiraku anime is now up. Interestingly, it is just like the manga. I have never seen an anime that started off by questioning why it should be made at all. I thought J. C. Staff did a very good job dealing with some pretty intractable material.

  5. The second episode of the Joshiraku anime is now up. I think J.C. Staff has worked out how to pace this series because I was laughing throughout the episode. I thought that their misconceptions on how to use forks were particularly well done. I think the fan subber has been posting his notes on the Not Red Reviews blog.

  6. Why J.C.STAFF did that to joshiraku? sob sob.
    Thanks for the translation, sob sob.

  7. Sub of episode 3 of the Joshiraku anime recently up.Failed break dance rakugo scene toward the end hilarious.

  8. Episode 4 of the Joshiraku anime is now up. Part of it was the moon-viewing episode you translated above. J. C. Staff has been doing an excellent job. On Youtube, the Joshiraku opening has now had more than 167,000 hits.

  9. The English translation of episode 5 of Joshiraku is now up. Also, Youtube reports that the Joshiraku opening has now been viewed more than 400,000 times in various uploads.

  10. The English translation for episode 6 of the Joshiraku anime is now up. The Not Red Reviews blog has been explaining a lot of the references in the episodes.

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