Golden Boy (FK 2wei 25)

by slyborg


And now just 2 more for 2wei. Hiroyama-sensei goes full-on Xzibit on the series here, so brace for incoming transdimensional physics and drama

>> Get 2wei 25 here <<
>> Mediafire <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg  Raws: whirlygirl]

So, we’re running seriously short of staff here, as you may have noticed from the fact that the only things we release these days are Fate/Kaleid and things with less than 12 pages. (If only Kumeta-sensei would do a 4-koma, we might be able to handle that.) If you’ve got an interest in making anything we do here happen faster, please drop us a line or better yet drop by our irc channel and give us a hand! We’re mostly harmless, and have mad skillz at the vidya if you just want to talk /v/…

Oh, if you have an iPad, check out the blog from Safari, I enabled the tablet template, it looks very cool.


9 Comments to “Golden Boy (FK 2wei 25)”

  1. Thanks for your hard work.

    And if I knew shit about cleaning and stuff, I’d help, but that’s not the case, sadly.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Thank you for your efforts. Well, I’ll see what I can do.

  4. I come here every day just for this
    thanks for the new chapter

  5. Illya loev shotas and their cute little -bleep- And of course shota-Gil has the best -bleep- ;p

  6. He has the original -bleep-

  7. Do you still need a cleaner/typesetter?

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