True end (SZS 30X)

by royalgreentea


You thought last chapter was the end? Nope.

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: GreenTea; Proofreader: slyborg]

Released in the last Volume, enjoy the final closure to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
I’d really like to post a wall of text, but to hell with that. Just read it already.

31 Comments to “True end (SZS 30X)”

  1. That was a really weird ending (actually a horror ending) to a really weird manga.

  2. She was in despair. Not being able to leave has left her in despair.

  3. So? Considering the afterwords, she really posessed them?

  4. i just jizzed in my pants reading this

  5. So in the end Sensei got the harem ending (sort of…), but the horror version. At least this ending follows the foreshadowing we got since the beginning

  6. This reminds me more of Junji Ito’s Tomie than anything else.

  7. this is like 6th sense, the manga version

  8. You wont get this end unless you’ve read the complete chapter 301 (The one where Nozomu runs off from the other girl’s that’s chasing them in their wedding dresses, and find Kafuka in a church in a wedding dress). Im not sure i totally get it … but kind of. At least its a NozomuxKafuka end, right? That’s the only thing that matters to me.

  9. By the way, what happened to chapter 293 and so on? Are they ever going to be translated, or have you dropped them, or what?

  10. Dear Suimasen Scans, can you explain me one thing in your translation? Chapter 30X, page 10. Dialogue-cloud about “He chases her shadow as it appear in various people… etc”. I tried to Google it says that “shadow” sometimes means in Japanese “spirit” or “ghost”. “spirit” word suitable in this case (means, that Kafuka is spirit) or Kumeta tried to say something like “overmind” in this case? And… Thank you for translating, i was guided through whole SZS story thanks to your translation.

  11. Also, help me to understand “Afterwords by Akagi An” in chapter 30X. Those Afterwords supposed to explain, that Akagi always was “there” (in whole SZS story) as a spirit or this introducings supposed for something else? I missing a point, i can’t understand what author trying to say, Mikoto/Chie in chapter 300 says that all this Kafuka’s stuff is just a mental problem, but then, in the end of SAME CHAPTER coming words that Kafuka wasn’t mental problem or some transplantation post-effect, she really was Akagi An (some spirit or something else, i don’t know). Same problem in chapter 30X, Rin confirming Mikoto/Chie words, but in less scientic form. BUT AGAIN! In the end of same chapter coming words by Akagi An (!) which AGAIN surely confirms that Kafuka really was a spirit. Can someone tell me, which one of this theories is right?

    • As for the shadows, I meant to use the more or less idiomatic expression of “chasing shadows” here and that’s basically what it’s all about. Nozomu is in love with Kafuka and he kind of hunts for the remains of Kafuka that are part of each girl’s personality. However, not the entire personality of the girls resembles Kafuka, it’s just a small part.
      The Akagi An Afterword is about how An was dead but then brought back to life by “many friends”, i.e. the people she donated organs/blood to. She could have fun in the human world again as she became a part of them.
      That she IS a part of their personalities is NOT a mental thing. The “mental thing” (=the shared illusion) is the existence of Kafuka as a whole person on her own. She doesn’t exist in that form anymore.

      • So, before we will come to conclusion, how exactly we can call this Kafuka’s “problem? Spirit, personality sharing? Both of them is partly wrong, it makes me very sad, the story with blurry final and with a lot of “blind spots” is not good at all, i think it’s bad idea to wrote about all of them here, this is not a forum after all.

        However, i’ll be satisfied with answer on one single question. If Nozomu wanted to love Kafuka (An), but could do it only if he love all another girls, why won’t he married them all? Because Kafuka appeared only in single person? Why? Why she appeared in one single person and in such strict circle? What become a “catalyst” of Kafuka’s waking up (this question is surely can’t be answered with scientic point of view)? There is surely involved some supernatural stuff, like spirits or overmind (fact that Kafuka/An remember her afterlife is very strange)?

        P.S. Can i discuss a ending here a little more or i should find another place (i cant, SZS is not so popular, so it’s hard to find place)?

        • You can ask your questions here, I hope we’ll be able to answer them.
          Nozomu DOES marry all the girls. He has to marry them in “rotation” though since you can only be married to one person at once. That’s why he presents the journalist a different wife every time.

          I’d say Kafuka is a shared personality, triggered by Akagi An’s ogans/blood that resides in all those who share the personality.

          • Wait, so you saying that Nozomu marries only at one girl everytime only because this is a only legal way? I thought he marrying on a girl only when Kafuka appears in (and it explained on page 10). And about Kafuka appearing, she still doing it as she always did it before (in whole SZS), well, i mean nothing changed, right? Nozomu always with girls and one of them is “possesed” (i can’t find more suitable word for that), only a place changed from the school to the mansion?

            P.S. I really glad, that i can discuss ending here, thank you very much.

          • I think i was asked my question in wrong way. I will use a old “1, 2, 3” scheme.
            1)Kafuka Fuura IS Akagi An but in different form of life?
            2)Akagi An is still “possesing” (in chapter 30X) the girls and resting her days with sensei? I have doubts about that because Akagi An’s poem had past form, like she tooked control but then gone after graduating.
            3)How Nozomu can see Kafuka/An (and he really do, consider last page of chapter 301 and a fact that Nozomu suddenly changed his decision to run away from his class to build harem with them)? I mean, he marrying on “possesed”girl exactly when Kafuka tooking control (if she still is doing that, of course) , it can’t be coincidence. I heard that Nozomu can see spirits, ghosts and other supernatural thing because he reaching border of life and death everytime he trying to hang himself (just rumors, i don’t know surely, look’s like explaination in 293-299 chapters)
            4)And question that can’t be answered even by a translator or someone else, it’s just a personal opinion for every reader?

            P.S. Damn, i know it’s very unconscionably, but i really missing for “Edit” function on this site

  12. Thanks 4 the translation, finally, the theory of the Kafuka’s real name is/was Akagi An has been confirmed.

    I think that this end chapter was pretty good, and beacuse of that unusual beacuse many mangas and animes have dissapointing endings. This ending really fit to the Nozomu’s realm and to my personal expectations.

    I’ll never forget this manga, cos’ is very special for me.

    Kumeta’s masterpiece.

    I still reading this manga, but having read the end before reaching it, does not take away any fun to previous chapters.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  13. So, i guess i will not get answers here too

  14. Hm … Wait, I thought i understood this but I actually dont .. This changes the whole story. Akagi should have died before the story start, since she has been dead during the whole manga. And if Nozomu knew her before she died and loved her, why didn’t he react when the girl he loved that died suddenly was a student in his class (her ghost)? Ugh … I guess I can’t understand this since I haven’t read chapter 293-299 … And the name of this chapter actually bothers me, its name is “As One Possibility”. Maybe this isn’t the real end at all? Just a possibility?

    • Well… There was a rumors about that ending. Some peoples saying is that ending is non-canon and just was made as special chapter, but this rumor is partly incorrect because if suggest that 30X chapter is non-canon, then we can same thing about chapters 300-301. Why? Because without chapter 30X there is no connection chains at all, just unfinished ending.

      About Nozomu and Akagi in school. Kumeta missed a lot of mistakes in story, so don’t bother yourself with searching of sense. You can ask a lot of questions, but you will never get answers. Questions like: 1)Where Kafuka’s bad memories come from? 2)What about 000.1 angel? 3)We already know that Abiru got Akagi An’s eye and we know that she get transplantation in deep childhood, but as we can see in chapter 30X, Akagi was a… mature at moment of death.

      Seriosly, don’t even try. You will not get answers, only headache.

      • Plus from the hot-pot chapter we also know that Abiru and Kafuka are the same age and were childhood friends since we see a flashback of them playing with a chicken and abiru is unbandaged. It’s possible that abiru has had multiple corneal transplants with akagi’s being the most recent but you’re right, there are no real answers.

      • I read somewhere that the eyes do not grow at all. That is the only part of the body, which does not change the size or changing very little. So it is quite possible.

  15. Yeah, story containt a lot of “blindspots” and we should deal with it. Anyway, last thing i want from you, guys, it’s a translation of chapters 293-299.

  16. After reading this I was like “Well. Ok. Hmmm. Oh. This is the End? Really? Omg.”. I can’t understand it at all, but idea was great and mindblowing.

    I think it’s the best manga I ever read in my life. I mean, it’s very original in that mix of absurd, abstract and black humor, social satire with so many references to all of mass culture things, literature, music, films and it sometimes educates the reader between all of this (do you remember chapters about 90/90 or Zeigarnik effect? I do).

    I’m not surprised that this manga received the Kodansha Manga Award. And can only hope about Shaft will make yet another season and Kumeta will make another good manga after Joshiraku (or with it).

    Thank you, guys.

  17. Suimasen Scans, i see you looking for raws of 30 volume SZS. Such raws is capable for you ?

  18. well, here is a raws of chapters 291-299, 301, i hope they enough capable for you, guys. Also, sorry for such filehosting, i’m not good enough in choosing them

  19. Thanks for all the hard work! Eagerly awaiting the last fill-in chapters. Gambatte!

  20. Hey I was wondering, did you intentionally change the 2nd “Nozomi” on page 12 to “Hope”?

  21. Still waiting for the missing chapters 😦

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