ReDo: Joshiraku 1+2

by royalgreentea

Hello, GreenTea here.

As SOME people may have noticed out, our first release of Joshiraku was pretty awful.
Thatsbecauseouroldtranslatorpickedituponawhimandhewasprettybad. Aaaanyways.
We’re not doing this because we were prompted by you guys, more like we noticed it ourself
and wanted to redeem ourselves. (Mostly me and Umin – we’re making up for it though.)
Also Tank releases are pretty neat, don’t you think?

>>Get Joshiraku 1-2 here (again)<<

[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: GreenTea; Proofreader: pseu/slyborg]

4 Comments to “ReDo: Joshiraku 1+2”

  1. b… baka! it’s not like we’re doing this for you!

  2. Thanks for the new release, tsunderes.

  3. Good thing “that” translator is not working for you anymore!

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