Caramel Kitsch Flying Column (New Project!)

by royalgreentea

Hey people, let me introduce you to our new Project.
This Manga is called Caramel Kitsch Flying Column
(which doesn’t make any sense like many japanese things)
by OHISHI Masaru, who has a very distinct Artstyle.

The story is that I randomly stumbled across this while
hunting for SZS raws, and I fell in love with the Artstyle.
Then I asked Umin to tell me what’s it about, and we liked it.

Can’t really summarize the manga.
Art looks awesomely unique, the story is strange and weird.
There’s barely anything translated of his works.
So I’d be grateful for first impressions in the comment section.

>>New Project GET<<
[Translator: Umin  Typesetter: GreenTea 
Proofreader: pseu (I messed up and didnt mention him in the credits)

Okay, I need to get going. Sly is already calling me a troll,
when in reality I’m just lazy, busy, and drowning in plastic packaging ;_;

7 Comments to “Caramel Kitsch Flying Column (New Project!)”

  1. It seems to me that this strip is unfocused and is taking a lot of different elements and attempting to pull them together. I think I will need to see more before I think the author can handle the material. As far as the style goes, it seems to me that it is more American in style than is typical of Japanese manga. It reminds me of a rather primitive Krazy Kat. When she hops around in a single panel in different poses, it reminds me of Steve Ditko early in his run of Spider-man.This strip has the feel to me of someone just getting started. It will be interesting to see what direction the thing takes.

  2. Interestingly enough, according to Baka-Updates, this author has been in the business since 1998, with about 12 other strips under his belt, including one porn. Most of these series are short (1 to 3 volumes) and the artwork on the covers as shown by Baka-Updates does not seem to be very much like the artwork in Caramel.

  3. So when you add up all the entries at Baka-Updates, it seems like he has been published almost continuously in Young King Ours since 1998.

  4. Interesting, thanks for the new release!

  5. This looks pretty good for a first chapter. Reminds me of Mizukami Satoshi, which is good too. Looking forward to the continuation~

  6. I loved it at first sight, please continue this project, it’s the project that bought me to this site 😛

  7. Finally somebody translating Ohishi’s works \o/

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