Finale (FK 2wei 27)

by slyborg

Good night, sweet princess…

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for … the return of the Mercedes-Benz gullwing 300 SL! The world’s first mass-production fuel injected auto, Irisviel can reach speeds in excess of 160 mph while drifting the hills around Fuyuki City. Look forward to seeing her in the new Vita exclusive – Initial D: Prana Overdrive!

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[Translator: slyborg Cleaner: Kikimaru Typesetter: slyborg  Proofreader: ketsuban ]

Anyway, grand finale of the second installment of the story of Fightan Mahou Lolis in the Nasuverse, and we get everything but cooking in this one. Zwei Form Illya unleashes a new attack that I have not found recorded in the various databases devoted to the Fate series, so for reference, she unveils Quintet Fire, or 多元重奏飽和砲撃 Tagen Juusou Houwa Hougeki “Multi-Ensemble Saturation Bombardment”, requiring the powers of the combined Kaleidosticks to deliver. It’s Super-Effective!

Been a challenge typesetting this series, which was where I got on the bus here with Suimasen, meki failed to mention that the chapters were twice as long as SZS and had twice as much cleaning required and I didn’t know any better :/ But it’s all good since I really got an appreciation for Hiroyama’s skills as an artist, and I’ve always appreciated the humor in the series. To be honest, it’s really the only Fate spinoff I like.

As previously mentioned, we’re also going to be continuing with Drei, which happens to start off with … cooking. So please look forward to it!

24 Comments to “Finale (FK 2wei 27)”

  1. Thank you for sticking with the series so far. I can never get enough of this author.

  2. And so part 2 is over…so that’s the Archer/Berserker from Miyu’s world?
    …Does this mean there’s a chance ALL the servants in Miyu’s world are female…

    Now I hope in Drei they have Illya proceed to harem them all Nanoha style.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! Will look forward to your work on Drei. 😀

  4. >which happens to start off with … cooking. So please look forward to it!
    As expected from a Fate series.

  5. Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to Drei soon ><. Drei has the best art.

  6. Is Gil alright? I kinda wanted to see more of him. Maybe in the next series. Suddenly new characters introduced at the end though, what a cliffhanger.

  7. We want more shota! Gil-chan~~ raeping Lolis since Sumerian times.

  8. Thanks for the release!!

    i really want to know what happens in drei, thanks for continue it!!

  9. Awesome, to bad i already spoiled myself with chinese translation.
    Wait for moar Shoota rampage x3

  10. Wait wait

    For the last two characters that shows up, did they ever show up in any of other Fate series? Or are they completely new original characters? I’ve only seen FSN and Fate Zero, so I have no idea about all Fate characters.

  11. those last two character seems original, but i guess theyre inspirated by gil-ko and berserker-ko? (gilgamesh&berserker female version)
    since i remember theres a “offical” picture about female version of gil,kokuto and loli archer. while berserker.. kinda like basa-ko in unoffical doujin

    i`m more interested with next series, since character from fate is basically already being used up, would it be melty blood/tsukihime inspirated character next?

    • Not really used up, since other than Gil and Iris, no one from Fate Zero showed up. Btw, in the Fate universe (fate zero, fsn, ubw, etc), is Gilgamesh the strongest?

  12. Thank you for finishing the series. It’s been a fun ride.

  13. Waaaa, as always, awesome work here!!!! Thanx very very much for share this work. And count with me for seeing Drei too *w*

    PD: Zwei is over, and I only have done the Spanish traslation for the first chapter of Prisma illya OTL

  14. I reuploaded it, because at your link Mediafire file not found

    • Very odd, there seems to have been some kind of vendetta against that file, most of the mirrors were bombed as well 😕 I reupped it to MF, and fixed the main link, we’ll see how long it lasts. Some of the original mirrors still work, you’ll have to check them individually. I’m not going to regenerate the mirrors just yet, we’ll see what happens with this link. Thanks for the head’s up, though.

  15. all the links for this one chapter are dead. why is it only the last one that was deleted?

    • I’m not sure what the deal is there, it seems to be triggering some kind of automated flagging system. I’ve reposted it twice, but it gets deleted again. Maybe I’ll put it up with a different filename and see if it sticks :/

  16. Sorry but all the links are down? Can you upload again to DF, is more secure. Please I love your job and I’m very exciting to read this final chapter

  17. Links are down…

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