Happy 2wei-O-ween (FK 2wei Omakes)

by slyborg

Don’t have any papercrafts for you this year, and not much in the way of scanlation, either. But, as the cold air of Autumn finds us still rattling around the interwebs, a small treat for the harvest festival this year.

>> Happy 2weioween! <<
[TL/TS: slyborg   Proofreader: IO ]

These are two very short omake I was going to include the omnibus 2wei batch, but since I’ve decided to re-edit the earlier chapters I did, this is taking longer than anticipated. The first ran in February in Comp Ace, and the second was included in the volume 3 tankoubon, and features the always under-appreciated Einzbern maids. Since 3rei appears to have become a full-blown battle shounen manga, this may be the last light-hearted SoL you’re going to see from Hiroyama for a while <_< Tonikaku, Happy Halloween 2012!

2 Comments to “Happy 2wei-O-ween (FK 2wei Omakes)”

  1. Still waiting for 3dre

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