Enter the Catseal (Magipop 1-3)

by slyborg


It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Once you’ve been in the scanlation business as long as we have, you start drinking heavily and dropping acid in order to keep going, and as a result you frequently start seeing things that should be impossible – pink elephants, season 3 of Rozen Maiden, and creatures that appear to be a combination of … a cat … and a seal. With judgement impaired already, it’s inevitable that such things will end up being scanlated. Thus we present to you, without commercial interruption, the first 3 chapters of Magical Lollipop, by Kuroha.

>> Get Magipop 1 here <<
>> Get Magipop 2 here <<
>> Get Magipop 3 here <<

[Translator: Umin  Typesetters: TanteiSakana, slyborg  Proofreaders: slyborg, pseu ]

A bit of backstory here. This was originally discovered by our intrepid TL Umin a good year ago, who thought it was funny, and translated the first 3 chapters. This wasn’t high on our priority list, so I decided to use it to test typesetter applicants. This turned out to be a very good idea, since it proved to be like penicillin for typesetters and in fact killed every one that encountered it. Carrying the antibiotic metaphor a bit, since SZS is like vancomycin by comparison to this, a typesetter that couldn’t handle Magipop would not be well-suited for the harsh world of Kouji Kumeta. That said, props to TanteiSakana for making an honest effort on the first two chapters. Thanks for all the fish.

There the story may have ended since after a 4th chapter appeared in Gangan Online, no more was produced by Kuroha for six months; however, last month another chapter came out, so I grudgingly concluded that the dude is apparently going to keep at it, so to clear out our work-in-process folder, I’ve picked up the typesetting myself. Personally, I recommend this manga for anybody that likes cats, seals, mahou shoujo, and MILFs.

Best wishes for the holiday season from Suimasen Scans!

8 Comments to “Enter the Catseal (Magipop 1-3)”

  1. thanks for the release 🙂

    after reading it, I fell de javu with fujimura-kun mates. I think it has same genre with that.

  2. The links for 2 and 3 are backwards.

  3. Thanks for this o_o happy holidays!

  4. Thanks for the new series. I thought it was amusing.

  5. OMG at first I think this is typical-cute-mahou-shoujo…
    But you better do not judge book by cover huh
    I love it! It’s so funny XD

    Thank you very much for your hardwork! 😀

  6. Wow, this is totally crazy. My small contribution to scanlating has finally seen the light of day! Thanks, and sorry I couldn’t help out more. I’d love to keep working on this, but currently my hand is really messed up and I have to rely on speech recognition software to do anything on the computer, so that would be… difficult.

    …which might seem to seem like an excuse for why I stopped working on this, but it isn’t, because that only happened recently. I just vastly overestimated the amount of free time I would have for this, and lacked the nerve to tell you guys I was bailing. I hope I didn’t cause many problems. -_-

    Anyways, thanks for the great experience, and good luck on your future releases!

    • No worries TS, we appreciated the effort, and you now have officially joined the 2% of the denizens of the Interwebs who actually contribute anything, lol. Hope that hand gets better quickly, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors as well…

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