Oh boy, 2013 here we go. (CaraKitsch 3)

by royalgreentea

Hey everyone, happy new year and welcome to Not 2012.
>>>Download here<<<

Man, this year starts out c-cold. I hate winter.
EDIT: PS skipped a page for no reason, please redownload. Sigh, will I ever do a release right?

6 Comments to “Oh boy, 2013 here we go. (CaraKitsch 3)”

  1. Off topic, but any chance that you guys are going to finish translating the rest of SZS? Thanks for all the great works in the meantime.

    • It all depends on our translator I’m afraid.

      • The thing about SZS is that it’s a) a real hassle to translate due to all the inside jokes and references and b) still licensed by Kodansha. As soon as I hear that Kodansha USA has officially dropped it and not given it to jmanga or somewhere similar, I’ll probably translate a few chapters. I have to say that I had some kind of SZS overkill during the manga’s last few weeks and I still haven’t fully recovered from that.
        That’s why I’m more into other stuff now and not so much into SZS, at least not enough to make me want to translate it even though it’s licensed. Time’s another factor and I’m afraid I just don’t have enough of it right now.

  2. page 4 is missing

  3. Sorry for offtopic, little message for Umin: At least, can we expect translation of last volume (SZS)? I guess it’s most important part about SZS

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