Swan Song (KK 54 & 55)

by slyborg

Just like a fine Castella...

Just like a fine Castella…

As part of my job as group janitor, I’ve been finishing up various leftover work people have left lying around. Chapter 55 got done at least six months ago, but was pending on 54, which got stalled behind 9000 animated GIFs of Joshiraku. In terms of relative popularity, this was probably the correct decision, but I dislike untidiness. KK 55 was actually animated in one of the 2011 OVA episodes, KK 54 is just all wet.

>> Get KK54 here << ( Mirror )
>> Get KK55 here << ( Mirror )
[Translator: Kasu  Typesetter: Bulan  Proofreader: slyborg]

Barring the sudden appearance of another translator and typesetter out of nowhere, this marks the end of our efforts on Katte ni Kaizō. We have 5 additional scripts translated for chapters animated as part of the aforementioned OVAs, if another group would like these, please contact us.

10 Comments to “Swan Song (KK 54 & 55)”

  1. Awesome! Some Kaizo.

    Thanks so much for finishing what was left behind. This has to be one of the funniest mangos ever.

  2. I hope there will be no such unpleasent end for Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei too

  3. Thanks for the new episode. It is too bad you can’t continue it. However, I have seen lately that there is at least one group that picks up strips that others can’t complete. I forget its name. If I remember it I will let you know. Perhaps if you put up a notice at Batoto.net someone will pick it up.

    • Yeah, maybe we should do that… Actually, Kaizô is kind of my baby and I’d love to translate lots and lots more of it, but at the moment, I just don’t have the time for anything and am keeping the others bored and crazy because of it :/ It will change for spring/summer, but I don’t even know how long.

    • I actually thought of Renzokusei myself, but not for KK – 144 chapters would be a bit much to undertake as a cleanup project when it’s Kumeta Kōji. They also seem to have too many projects already, the same problem we had. I actually like KK, in some respects more than SZS, actually. But when I went back and realized we didn’t release a single chapter of Kaizo last year, I decided we should let it go. As a group we’re all on plus time … scanlatan is a young person’s game, and we’re all just too busy (or too picky <_<) So, suimasen, as usual.

      That said, we are who we are, and of course must make sure we leave "kicchiri to." Always makes me sad that most groups just kind of run off the road, if we decide to close up shop, I will make an effort to find other homes for our projects.
      Or maybe we will just merge with Foolz and form a scanlatan supergroup that slacks at the speed of light using the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.

  4. By the way, who is responsible for translating Sayonara Zetsbuou Sensei? I mean who started to translate this series, “whose child it is”?

  5. Recently Red Hawk Scans needed some people and they found some. If you get in touch with them, maybe they might have some recommendations for additional personnel for you to contact. It would not surprise me if they could not find some additional personnel eager to assist you with such an excellent comic as is Joshiraku.

  6. Over at Not Red Reviews, someone (I think it is someone called Vale) did an absolutely super job of annotating the episodes of the Joshiraku anime. Perhaps he is interested or knows someone who is.

    • vale also did the fansubs for the anime series (he also subbed the last SZS BD extra). He’s also massively oversubscribed on subbing work, although I’m sure he’d do a fine job on the manga. The issue is that while Kumeta’s fans are passionate, they are few, and fewer still have the skills or desire to master scanlatan.

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