Death to the Fascist Insect (Hokkenshitsu 13)

by bulanbek

to return to the ultimate refutation of thinghood -to be non-nothing... to be nothing

I’m really struggling to overcome my bourgeois upbringing.

Only three girls, their teacher, an abducted heiress and her maid stand in the way of Japan degenerating into a BACKWOODS YET CORPORATE NIGHTMARE. First load up on cyanide bullets, and then:

>> Get Hokk13 here << ( Mirror )

[Translator: IO Typesetter: Bulan  Proofreader: pseu Etc: Kasu]

[note: correct version now uploaded!]

5 Comments to “Death to the Fascist Insect (Hokkenshitsu 13)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode. This was a welcome surprise. There is an interesting Wikipedia article under “Japanese School Uniform” that covers the whole subject. Once the Japanese get something they like to hold onto it.

  2. On page 6, who is she supposed to remind you of? She looks somewhat like Homura from Madoka.

    • It’s the typical “gari-ben” stereotype that can be seen in nerdier characters quite frequently. The first example that usually comes to my mind is Usagi’s classmate Umino from Sailor Moon (he’s male though). Saori in OreImo looks like this as well. Chitan in Katte ni Kaizô fits this stereotype as first, too.

      Page 9 is clearly Gunslinger Girl though.

      • Thanks. However, when they state that Maria looks “self-confident” with the braids and spiral glasses look, I don’t know what sort of reference they are making, if any.

        Actually, I don’t recall any of the girls in Gunslinger Girl wearing sailor suits; the story is set in Italy.

  3. I rechecked Gunslinger Girl; Henrietta wears a sailor suit in the first volume.

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