Fight Club (FK 3rei 04)

by slyborg


Babylon and on…

Aaaand … it’s Fightan Mahou Shoujo Taimu at last! But the first rule of Fight Club is… We’re still not sure what’s going on in this world, but Illya isn’t going to take it lying down any longer…

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: IO Raw: localhost]

Probably an extra from FK up next, then the penultimate chapter for this first arc of 3rei. No further word on the anime adaptation, which is sort of disturbing, but still assuming summer for that. Also, honorary mention to proofreader pseu for tag-teaming with Athos to make me use English on this manga. Nobody likes a good tanka anymore… grmbl…

4 Comments to “Fight Club (FK 3rei 04)”

  1. Oh boy, here it comes!

    Thanks for the release.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Thanks you guys. This chapter was glorious.

  4. Thanks for returning my treasures! sez the wuvable shota~

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