Double Feature (FK 3rei 05/Extra 01)

by slyborg

A loli Caster is fine, too...

A loli Caster is fine, too…

Fightan. Mahou. Lolis. I cannot stress enough the key elements of the Fate Kaleid universe. Any of the three independently do not create the experience, they must all be combined into a single, coherent whole. All are fine on their own, but when assembled, you get the quintessential Japanese fusion of parts into a greater whole. And in FK you get this trope merged with the Nasuverse, which goes to yet another level. Perhaps in a future installment we will compare and contrast this franchise with other well-known exemplars of the genre, like Sailor Moon, Nanoha, and the Pretty Cure franchise.

But for now, you will have to make do with some homunculus on homunculus action. The shota does some fighting, too.

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

Next up is the first extra for 3rei, but this actually is sort of a continuation of the 3 pager we released back at 2wei-O-Ween, so this side story is still back in Illya’s Fuyuki City, and features my new fujoshi waifu, Hibari Kurihara.  Also features homunculus on homunculus action. This one was a challenge to translate, since I was forced to learn yaoi manga terminology I was not familiar with and hopefully will not encounter again <_< I was going to add some TL notes here, but I realized that nobody will care, so if there are any questions, please comment and I will try and answer them.

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: slyborg  Proofreader: IO Raw: localhost]

Hope you enjoy both of them!

14 Comments to “Double Feature (FK 3rei 05/Extra 01)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode.

  2. Nice too see the picture from different angles aaaand… Seems that russian translators stumbled upon lack of japaneeze raws past chapter 6. Is there a better situation on this side?

  3. *Drool* Medea-Illya! We want Iskandar-Illya too! (Double I!)

  4. Illya and Kuro in Extra 01 were so HNGHHH I dont even

  5. Thanks for the release guys

  6. The trailer is out… and it lies! All LIES! Prisma Illya is not about a normal high school life… Then again, there is no such thing as a normal high school life in the Nasuverse.

  7. Any news on Root Paradise?

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