Absent Friends (FK 3rei 06 & 07)

by slyborg

Summertime Kuro

Summertime Kuro

Sorry for the extra-long delay here, US staff had semester-end and the onset of warmer weather at last has consumed time with outside activities. Yes, we occasionally go outside. We all somewhat resemble this blogpost’s mascot on the right here (click for full resolution glory) in case you are ever wondering if it’s us.

Conclusion of the first arc of 3rei here,  Little Bea’s Big Hammer is deployed in earnest, and we finally get to meet an Ainsworth … sort of. As you might expect, it all ends with more questions than answers…

>> Get 3rei 06 here <<
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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

And the start of the next arc, featuring … mapo tofu. Rejoice!

>> Get 3rei 07 here <<
>> Mirror <<
[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

Extra props to our typesetter & proofer Athos & pseu, who bankai’d and did both chapters in one go to keep us on schedule. You can also praise me for the cutout of Kuro, which may be the most notable thing I have done around here since the last time I got the blog ban hammered.

And, we have air dates for the Prisma Illya anime: July 6th for NicoNico stream, and the 12th for broadcast on Tokyo MX. No announced fansubbers for it yet, but I have a feeling that  Crunchyroll will pick this one up.

Other than that, we’re still sputtering along here, there is some Caramel Kitsch on the stove, and the revival of another project may be in the offing as well. Or maybe we’ll be outside. You never know.

16 Comments to “Absent Friends (FK 3rei 06 & 07)”

  1. Thanks for the new episodes.

  2. Yey! Waited for so long ) Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the new chapters! 😀

  4. are you going to finish the remaining magical lollipop scans?

  5. I have a feeling UTW will probably pick it up too. They did the UTW movie, Fate/Zero, and Carnival Phantasm, after all.

  6. Ah… MUCH better. This is what Prisma Illya is about! Magical Kohaku and her sister Hisui as wands.

  7. Where are the raws of this manga?

    • sore ha himitsu.

        • Our scanner prefers not to have people harassing them for raws. Since scanning is a pain in the ass on top of buying the magazines, we are grateful for the service and respect their wishes in this regard.

          Chinese scanlations are currently up to date and readily available if you want to see where the serialization is at…

  8. Illya airs in a few hours. Can’t wait. Illllllllyaaaaaaaa…..

  9. The art looks a little odd… But Liz and Sella make up for it. Ditto Miyu and Illllllllyaaaaaaaaaaa…

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