Plain sugar. (Carakitsch 6)

by royalgreentea

>>>New Chapter, now!<<<
[Translator: Umin  Typesetter: GreenTea  Proofreader: pseu ]

I talked with Umin how unpopular this manga is currently, we might consider dropping it if it stays this way.
I mean no matter how much we like the manga, it’s not worth it if only a few people are reading it.
But until that moment comes, enjoy~!

16 Comments to “Plain sugar. (Carakitsch 6)”

  1. I for one love it. So thanks.

  2. I love it, too. I’m usually hesitant to comment though, my written English isn’t exactly perfect. I’t be sad if you decided to drop this project, but it’s entirely your right to do so. Thanks for your time and efforts so far.

  3. With the proliferation of online reading sites, popularity can hardly be gauged by downloads anymore. In addition a lack of prominence on Baka-updates due to an irregular release schedule can also affect popularity.

  4. I really like this manga as well, and probably wouldn’t have discovered it if not for you guys. Thanks for all your hard work! Please don’t drop this!

  5. I concur with the previous comments. Carakitsch is a really great and interesting manga. I hope that you will be willing to continue translating it.

  6. Aye. If you see a mere 100 follow in an online reading site, I do not think it is an overstatement to say that there are actually waaaaay more people who read but not follow it. I for one rely on my RSS feed and history to follow up with manga that read,

  7. I, for another, would be sad to see this go. This and Fate/kaleid are my favorites

  8. I may just be part of a vocal minority, but I think this manga is really quite charming. Here’s hoping you continue to translate it, and thanks for your work!

  9. I love this manga and if you drop it you’ll make me angry.

  10. Reconsider it please… Thanks for the chap.

  11. While I personally am not reading this manga in English, it’s still really nice to see a favourite reach a wider audience. It’s unfortunate that it only enjoys a modest readership, but thanks for the scanlations at any rate.

  12. Thank you for this manga and I, too, would be quite sad if it was dropped.

  13. Please God don’t let this series get dropped! this is one of those unique manga you only come across once and a while if it stops getting translated I’ll die inside ;_;

  14. This is among my favourites mangas, especially the artwork. It would be sad to see such an outstanding comic like this dropped. I think the best stories never become so popular.

  15. I am really hoping you didn’t drop this manga. The story seems very unique and I think it was starting to get more intriguing with the manipulation stuff. Oh well, thanks for all the hard work though and great job.

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