You’re Being Summoned Again, Azazel! (Azazel-san 08)

by slyborg

Suimasen staff for most of the past year

Suimasen staff for most of the past year

Doing this manga has been harder than pulling Type IV demons from the layers of the Abyss, but just when all hope was lost, a wild translator suddenly appeared! We must thank straykumo for blowing in on a spring wind to volunteer to translate this from Down Under. Meaning it was actually an autumn wind, I guess. Then a wild KageHitsu appeared! We once again successfully use Masterball, and  now will be scanlating this as a joint project with Mangaholic. They appear less likely to immediately die like the last group we tried this with. Actually, they have some cool manga they scanlate, do check out their site. Finally, thanks to our typesetter Celaeno, who came to prod us on Azazel ages ago, then made the critical error of volunteering to help. The Masterball is always at the ready for such mistakes!

>> Get Azazel 08 here <<
>> Mirror <<
[Translator: straykumo Typesetter: Celaeno Proofreader: slyborg]

Hope you enjoy the chapter, and hope to have the next out sooner than this one…

(P.S. We decided to continue from the last released set of chapters out there, still determining whether or not we’ll update on better tank scans in the future. This will be decided by Mangaholic.)

7 Comments to “You’re Being Summoned Again, Azazel! (Azazel-san 08)”

  1. It’s a Christmas miracle! This is gonna make a lot of people happy I think. Thanks a bunch you guys!

  2. Thanks a bunch for the release! I’m happy to hear that you get more staff joining. Now it is a big family!!

  3. Fantastic! Thank you guys \o/

  4. Holy shit, thanks!

  5. wow finally it’s updated. thank you. ♥

  6. Thank you so much. This manga is hilarious.

  7. Yay! Glad you found people willing to do it, I love this manga.

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