Sibling Rivalry (FK 3rei 08)

by slyborg

This manga is now about mapo tofu.

This manga is now about mapo tofu.

Gil-kun continues to be mysterious, and the sisters’ reunion has gotten a little … heated, shall we say…

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

And thanks to Umin-chan for TL checks. Additional Azazel-san in the pipeline, and perhaps some other leftover projects. Hope everyone is having a nice summer!

13 Comments to “Sibling Rivalry (FK 3rei 08)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Will you be doing the volume 1 entries on all the cards at all?

  3. The anime for this manga has just started up. What do any of you think of it? I have not been watching it myself.

    • I dunno. I get the feeling that Silver Link is half-assing it, but maybe my expectations were too high. I guess I just wish it were funnier.

    • Only watched episode 1 so far, and to certain extent I’m not that hyped on the anime because of that – it looks like they are basically going to adapt the manga pretty much straight up, and for me, the series doesn’t hit its stride until 2wei, Hiroyama was still kind of feeling his way with the first 2 books I think. Technically, the show seems ok, they softened the character designs, which seems unnecessary to me at best, although they actually got Liz and Sella pretty much spot on, which is ironic since they get little time in the manga.

      If the preorder sales numbers are accurate, I’d say this will get the continuation into 2wei at some point, although the real test will be what the tank sales do.

    • I’ve been watching it so far, but I feel that Silver Link are stretching it out a bit too much. So far, every episode has been exactly one chapter which doesn’t really make that much sense to me, as the series is supposed to have 10 episodes and there are 13 chapters of the first part… That kind of makes me fear that the finale will either be postponed to an OVA or totally rushed.
      I also feel that Priya doesn’t really hit its full potential before 2wei!, so it’s kind of sad to see only the first part animated.

      • Only 10?! I want my 12 chapters! (plus the specials mashed in somehow). Technically they are inconsistent with the animation. I think Kyoto animation should have done this more worthwhile show instead of the dolphinpoo currently on.

        That said: Stare into anime-Miyu’s eyes… stare… and see her evil eyes.

        Rin is a lousy magus… First Bazett dispels her pain spell, now Kuro. 😛 The Tohsaka’s don’t have luck with their archers, do they…

      • Partially also answers slyborg’s post above… Silver Link are merging chapters and drawing out some chapters just fit the length. This week’s Episode 6 was a very drawn out Chapter 8. They also added some new material (quite justified considering the rivalry) that was not in the post-Divine Buster x6 in the manga.

        My prediction: E7 = C9 (Maid Switch ON!), E8 = C10 (Magical Grade Lyrical Blast and Mama Iri), E9 = C11/12 (Miyu Alone), E10 = C12/13 (BeserKAR – Panzer IV – FIRE!). I am hoping that E9 will end with Miyu almost getting pawn’ed by Berserker only to have Illya make an entrance in 10. Feel free to correct/add to this since I don’t have the mangas on-hand now to double check.

        Also, you cannot start 2wei without showing the background. Everything has to start from something. I am for one glad that they chose to do 10 episodes to match material instead of putting pointless fillers a’la Shakugan no Shana series. 2wei might be a tad bit difficult to juggle as it has 25 chapters which is going to be too much for 13 eps and too little for 24. Unless you add the omake sidestories.

        • 2wei is 27 chapters for the main story, plus 6 omakes; it would fit a 2 cour perfectly I think. There’s no hard and fast rule that it be 24 eps, there have been 22 episode (and 26) episode shows in the past. All comes down to budget. 10 seems to be kind of the minimum standard, not counting the 5 minute short format, so it’s telling that they didn’t feel they could commit more than that. Given how things look for sales now, I think they would do another season, but not commit to a 2 cour. That means either 2wei squeezed into 1 season, or just half of 2wei.

          But anything is possible. I’m amazed GJ-bu is getting another season, although that kind of show is easy to cheap out on frames. Fightan shows like Fate are more expensive because of all the action animation.

  4. Athos and Slyborg,
    Thanks for your input.

  5. On an unrelated post… My 3rei arrived and all I can say is…
    1) Darius is into guro……
    2) Mimi is a lost cause. Dreaming of MALE Illya, Miyu and Kuro is not a healthy sign…

  6. Kaleid ep 6.

    GARcher as fuck. Especially the HQ version with the rotating camera.

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