All Hail the Kaiser! (Azazel-san 09)

by Umin


In case you haven’t been worshipping him yet, do so now!

Oh hai, long time no see, I guess. While I haven’t really been translating stuff lately, at least today I have the great honor to present yet another chapter of our favorite demons. Fear them! Also, fear host clubs! And hosts! And everything.

Kneel down in front of Kaiser Azazel and get this chapter
[translation: straykumo, typeset and cleans: KageHitsu, proofread: slyborg, redraws: Namonai]

(P.S.: Saku-chan is awesome. I love her.)

4 Comments to “All Hail the Kaiser! (Azazel-san 09)”

  1. Thanks for uploading.

  2. Nice credit page, but how come salamander doesn’t have cool true form like other 4 demon?

  3. Thanks a bunch for the new release!!

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