New Kumeta Oneshot!

by royalgreentea

Toufuu_(Fu)kenbunroku_02Oh hello there. Long time no see.
I bring a new Kumeta One-shot that came out a few weeks ago.
You know, the guy who does SZS and stuff I guess.

>>>Welcome back Kumeta<<<
[Translator: Umin  Typesetter: GreenTea  Proofreader: pseu ]

Been busy lately. First and foremost, I want to say that Caramel Kitsch isn’t dropped.
Umin and I just have been busy, very busy indeed. Yes. *nod nod*

But I dropped Tonnura,
so it’s Foolrulez project now.

Let’s say some things didn’t work out,
and I wish them good luck in the long run.

10 Responses to “New Kumeta Oneshot!”

  1. Thanks for the new episode. I was interested to find out the connection between Marco Polo and Japan. I had never heard that before. Also, what is it with the Japanese and Uri Geller? I keep seeing that thing about him bending spoons in a lot of manga. Also, Kochimi looks a lot like Chiri. I hope our hero has not made the mistake of falling in love with Chiri!

    • First of all, I want to correct a small mistake from the TL notes: Kumeta had published something in Shonen Sunday after 2005, namely the SZS one-shot for his 20th anniversary as a mangaka. In the same week, a Katteni Kaizo one-shot appeared in Shonen Magazine. However, apart from special stuff, he hasn’t had anything else in Shonen Sunday and was pretty much on bad terms with Shogakukan, until they decided on the Katteni Kaizo reprints (they also reprinted lots of his old works as conbini versions).

      About Uri Geller: I guess he appeared in a lot of Japanese TV shows, just like he did in Europe. I remember people in Germany going crazy about Uri Geller as well, must have been pretty much the same in Japan.
      And regarding how Kochimi looks like Chiri: actually, I think this whole manga and its premise are an ironic reference to the fact that Kumeta’s characters pretty much all have the same face.

      • I notice that many times when the Japanese want to show that a character has psychic powers, they go with the spoon-bending bit. It would not surprise me if Geller was the one who introduced the concept of psychic powers to Japan.

  2. Hi, thank you for translating this. It was really funny and came exactly when I was craving for some more Kumeta manga. 😀

  3. That’s a Kumeta mindfuck alright. His sister looks like Meru though.

  4. Thanks for translating this! That special brand of Kumeta weirdness never gets old.

  5. So, are we caught up on his one-shots? No wayward Comiket works or a random piece in some obscure magazine?

    • As far as we are aware, we’ve done the 2 one-shots Kumeta-sensei has done since SZS ended. As far as any future work goes, this is going to largely depend on wild typeset and translator staff appearing. We’re all old now and have little time for this business 😦


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