Wetsu Pantsu (FK 3rei 10)

by slyborg



A Wild Vampire-Loli suddenly appears! Illya uses PANTSUBALL! It’s Super-Effective! Actually, Illya fails to control any of the small, and not so small children in her charge, but quickly has much bigger problems to face…

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

So, Athos-kun had a burst of energy and knocked out another 3rei chapter quickly here, but don’t get used to it…  school term is also starting up once again in N. America, so… yeah. Continue waiting warmly, as always, or you could learn Japanese and come and help us out here!

Also, all congratulate Umin-chan on completing her undergrad thesis!

15 Comments to “Wetsu Pantsu (FK 3rei 10)”

  1. The average age is definately falling. Cute Erika-chan! Can’t wait to see Papa Darius show up.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. You guys are the best ;____;

    Thanks again for the translations!

    Just a question: Where do you find the raws for 3rei? (Googling isn’t helping me at the moment … )

    • localhost is kind enough to supply us with his scans directly from Comp Ace. I have seen raw scans floating around from I assume JP2P, but I don’t know where you might find those…

  4. @Emiya-kun someone called “paitouch” scans & posts the raws on besat’s lair

    (jus search the thread 4 “mediafire” & u should be able to see his other uploaded there too)
    he has raws thru chap14 uploadd

  5. oh forgot to say thx to suimasen for the translation. and congratulations to umin-chan quite the accomplishment! 😀

  6. Have you guys dropped R-18! or what happend?

  7. XD – They included the first bit of 2wei in the final episode! The “DO-RI-MU” scene… And the flying to school scene.

    • Still needs to get production funding, but I think it did well enough to get a followup. Guess we should speed it up here before the anime catches up with us >_<

      • *goes into Azuki Azusa cheerleading mode* Fight-to! slyborg! Fight-to!
        The tankouban chapter count is 14 by Volume 3. 3 of 7 chapters were omake. I am curious to what the OAD accompanying Volume 4 will be. (Secret hope is Nanoha x Fate)

        Hopefully, any future extension will be a year or two from now so that the story gets fleshed out better and 2wei + 3rei get done in one shot. 2wei’s ending is too climatic!

  8. Breaking news! 2wei Production confirmed!!!

  9. I have to say that I love this Manga. Thank you very much for translate it. It is meaningful for me to wait your chapter in every month 🙂

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