Demon Scams (Azazel-san 10)

by slyborg


>mfw we do a joint on Azazel

Yeah, so… Mangaholic succumbed to the curse of all Azazel joints and we’re back in the demonic saddle solo – all thanks to our intrepid straykumo stepping up to the plate to edit as well as translate! I think she did a fine job, and has brought us to Volume 2 of Yondemasu yo! Azazel-san! at last. This chapter is one not covered in the anime adaptations, and gives us an example of Salamander-san’s shortcomings as a team player…

>> Get Azazel 10 here <<
>> Mirror <<
[Translator: straykumo Typesetter: straykumo Proofreader: slyborg]

I’d also like to put up the vol. 1 omake page that Celaeno typeset before her departure, and that I neglected to include with chapter 9. Our thanks to her, and I’ll include it in the tank release for vol. 1 when I get around to that.

As usual, could use additional volunteers on Azazel so we can stop trying to rely on untrustworthy help from the manga underworld… drop by our IRC channel if you have an interest.Azazel_vol01_extra


8 Comments to “Demon Scams (Azazel-san 10)”

  1. Thanks so much you guys. I’ve missed having Azazel in my life.

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. I apologize on behalf of Mangaholic. I really do.

    (Wasn’t my fault, blame Kage >.>)

  4. Thank you for another devilishly good chapter.

  5. After this was released, I went and watched all the available anime episodes today. But it’s so short, and there are 9 volumes of this ongoing series! I hope you guys keep it because I just became a new fan (again, I guess, since I had picked it up before and was interested back before it was stuck at only a few chapters for a while).

  6. I’d like to help make this release Faster, so if you need anyone to do something other than translate or typeset, then send me an email.

  7. thank you so much

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