The Thorn Bird (FK 3rei 12)

by slyborg

It's all Greek to me...

It’s all Greek to me…

Our Magical Hobo also turns out to be into mahou loli abuse, which as our long-term readers will know, is frowned upon around here. He also has a bad habit of appearing in their bedroom windows, which leads me to wonder if Hiroyama is making some kind of statement about Fightan Mahou Loli otaku; this would be far off the mark here, since we’re insufficiently athletic to reach a bedroom window at ground level, much less in some castle.

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proofreader: pseu Raw: localhost]

A Greek-capable anon on /a/ actually translated the gibberish on pg 18, but the typesetter wasn’t impressed by it – for completeness, I shall provide it here:

use the
Ainsworth castle,
girls meet with
human requested
the use of Archer’s card
treating her to
latent of her, Tanaka and Illya
castle for you to obtain a

As noted by Darius, basically recounting things that have already happened. What point this all has will presumably be revealed later…

In other news, we’re currently trying to finish up a Christmas present for the patient Kumeta fans out there, with the addition of some celebrity guest star typesetting; Hiroyama fans will have to wait warmly. To be perfectly honest, not entirely enamored of Hiroyama’s direction here, so I’m finding it a bit of an effort to work on FK at the moment :/

6 Comments to “The Thorn Bird (FK 3rei 12)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Yay! \^o^/ Only x more chapters till Prisma Illya (Sapphire Version) Bear!

  3. Thanks for your hard work!

    and so Darius is trying to factory heroes from another story… something completely unheard off… well maybe TV tropes should have some say in this aspect…

    Até mais ver

  4. Thanks for the capter!

  5. This is sweet dope ballin’ dawgs but please hurry up, we’re eight or nine chapters behind.

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