Dem Hats (Sekkaku 01)

by Umin


A Happy New Year to everyone and a big suimasen to all the people who’ve been waiting for ages by now, but here it finally is: Kumeta Kōji’s new series.

Sekkachi hakushaku to jikan dorobō, or Le comte impatient et le voleur du temps, how the fancy French subtitling says, deals with what the title already implies: an impatient count and a time thief. Apart from the obvious, it also seems to include a lot of the humor that already made SZS what it was. Also, hats. Really fabulous hats.

I personally decided to abbreviate the title to sekkaku, which also means something like “finally” in Japanese so that’s why we stylize it like that. Doesn’t really seem to have clicked with Japanese fans so far though.

As we’re taking things slowly as usual, please do not expect too much from us (wait, who expects anything from us in the first place?), but we’re more or less trying our best to bring you more and more chapters of this at least as long as no actual publisher gains some sanity and licenses this.

Long story short, just take a look at it to see if it pleases you
>>Get Chapter 1 here<<
[Translation: Umin, Typesetting: GreenTea, Proofreading: pseu
Thanks to Maar for getting us these raws and to ToastOfDoom for saving Christmas]

10 Comments to “Dem Hats (Sekkaku 01)”

  1. Huzza.
    May the Flame Bowerbird dance for you.

  2. Thanks a lot guys, keep up with the good work

  3. Just one

  4. THANKS!!!!!
    May the Pororoca alien bless you guys.

  5. Thanks a lot for the new series!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your work. Can’t wait for this to get a volume release, however long it takes.

  7. Thanks, it was cool.

  8. Thanks!! ( ̄ー ̄)/

    Also, I forgot… Mangashare and Baka-Updates also have forums for recruiting, if you haven’t been. :v

  9. >naked tits right on the title page


    Anyway, this doesn’t seem all that different from his one-shots. Wonder what Kumeta plans to do to make this idea float.

  10. Thanks for the new strip. I don’t think anyone but Kumeta could have written this one.

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