Idol Musings (FK 3rei 14)

by slyborg

>mfw no staff

>mfw no staff

Meidos and idols and lolis, oh my! A stuffed toy-focused chapter this time out – Warning: contains plush guro.

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[Translator: slyborg  Cleaner: taketori Typesetter: Athos  Proof: pseu Raw: localhost]

Might have some KK in the pipeline, other than that we’re all just hiding under our kotatsu, except straykumo, who is enjoying summer Down Under. We should probably just move the whole group to the warm hemisphere twice a year…

(v2 to fix some screwed up 💖 characters on pg 10 and giving taketori his due credit on the credit page, suimasen. Not a real necessity to redownload, and of course the aggregators will now contain shit until the end of time in any case. Do uploaders get paid, I wonder? Don’t see why anyone does this otherwise…)

9 Comments to “Idol Musings (FK 3rei 14)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Thanks for your work!

  3. IRUn from Beast’s Lair here, to recommend against you folks dropping 3rei! entirely because of any work Paitouch may have done with his own uploads and translations. Seriously. In my time as a moderator there, I can tell you right now with 100% honesty that Pai it way too flaky and unreliable to entrust with regular translations.

    You’re all better off continuing to scanlate 3rei! at your own pace, when you have the time and resources. He wouldn’t want you to stop on his account. Not when he does things so irregularly.

    • But he can change! Through the power of *friendship*! Just a few more training arcs, and he could be a regular!

      We could use the help, because I’d love to get caught up… I have to ask him, but we may use his TL, which is good, for the chapters he’s done.

      But thanks for the input, we are still big fans of Hiroyama-sensei and apply our paltry skills here because of that. For the record, always open to a joint (*begins facepalming in advance*) and of course volunteers…

  4. Yeah, you can use and edit my TL if you want.

  5. Pai said even if he would translate some more, he would only do the ones with enough Angelica in it; plus he really isnt that, uhm, reliable in that way.

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