Phallic Rising (Avant Garde Yumeko 2)

by royalgreentea

p0052New little side-project we picked up on a whim.
Warning: The content contains lot’s of lewd ART.

>>Chapter 2 here<<
[Translation: Umin, Typesetting: GreenTea, Proofreading: slyborg]

The first chapter was done by anonymous preferred,
so read it on Batoto or something.

6 Comments to “Phallic Rising (Avant Garde Yumeko 2)”

  1. omfg. been waiting for the next chapter of this for like 1000 years. you guys are my savior you’ve no idea how much this release mean to me. thanks a lot for picking it up! good luck guys for your other stuffs.

  2. The fuck you’re trying to do by picking up that!?
    Thanks anyway.


  4. Oh, wow, I didn’t expect anyone to pick it up when I dumped it yesterday.

    Or was that coincidence? Either way, thanks.

  5. Oh wow, thanks so much for picking this series up. I read the first chapter ages ago and had given up hope of it ever being finished.

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