Massive Sloth (Azazel-san 13)

by slyborg

Typesetters, I choose YOU!

straykumo trying to get her chapter released…

Sakuma-san can summon me any time… her latest demon fetch turns out to be even less useful, however…

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[Translator: straykumo Typesetter: straykumo Proofreader: slyborg]

Kind of a big TL Note from straykumo re: page 76 I’m going to render here instead:

Shima Kousaku is in a magazine called “Morning” and NEET Shima Kousaku is in a magazine called “Evening”. The author who lost enthusiasm is the author of the Shima Kousaku series; Hirokane Kenshi. Not the author of this manga; the Kubo Yasuhisa that Sasaoka wanted to kill.

If I might take the liberty of expanding on this a bit, I hope that the “Kousaku Shima” series is already known to most manga fans, it is of course the famous long-running (as in since 1983!) salaryman saga by Hirokane Kenshi that has chronicled in basically real time the career of a hard-working young university graduate who joins a major Japanese conglomerate, and who over the years rises to the very top of the company. Lots of inside baseball here, in that both Azazel-san and Kousaku Shima are in fact published by Kodansha; the original Kachou Kousaku Shima ran in the Kodansha manga magazine “Morning”, the latest spin-offs have actually run in Kodansha’s “Evening” magazine, as does Azazel. The only thing I don’t know is whether Sasaoka Tomoya was/is Kubo-sensei’s actual editor at Kodansha.

In other news, Suimasen’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and I have nothing, nothing! (wrings hands piteously). Maybe some Fate Kaleid, maybe some more Yumeko, we shall see.

2 Comments to “Massive Sloth (Azazel-san 13)”

  1. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter, and for the TL note too!!

  2. Than you all for this.. It might well be the worst manga ever made, but it somehow…. grows… on …. never mind…

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