Cleanup On Aisle Ainsworth (FK 3rei 16)

by slyborg

Who you gonna call? Mouse Busters!

Who you gonna call? Mouse Busters!

It’s Maids Sanjou! all over the castle as Illya fights to regain her proper form and find her friends…

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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos  Proof: pseu Raw: localhost]

So an item that managed to escape me completely until the official site launch but that is highly relevant to Fightan Mahou Loli fans – Kadokawa, the publishers of Fate/Kaleid, now have their own online manga viewer at long last.

>> Comic Walker <<

The surprise here is that they are launching with English (and Chinese) translations of, as I write this, 26 titles (from 17 originally), and appear to be adding more. And one of them happens to Fate Kaleid Prisma Illya 3rei! Even better, it is free, as in beer. The model appears to be current issue and first issue free to view, and subscription for back issues (still not launched). Overall, a pretty decent experience, they use the Publus reader in browser, which I’m not that wild about, but the provided resolution is excellent. There are also free iOS and Android apps which are also pretty decent. So, as usual with the Japanese publishers, late to the party, but they appear to have a competitive platform. I recommend checking it out.

So… this poses a dilemma. We want to continue to support Hiroyama-sensei, and with the availability of free English releases, translated by professionals, there is kind of no point in Suimasen continuing our work here. (slyborg unfurls huge Mission Accomplished banner across the deck). On the other hand, it appears that they plan to do a monthly release cadence with the English editions, which means that they will be 18 months behind until the end of the series.

Our current plans are based on our core competency here, which is stalling. 3rei is on break this month as it happens, and they ran the next installment of “Girls, Be Aggressive” – also not clear if Comic Walker will have the bangaichi chapters or not (don’t see why not, but maybe they save those for paper tankoubons), so we’ll do that at the very least. Then we wait and see; if Kadokawa makes an effort to catch up with current serialization, we’ll hand them the baton and rest on our laurels, hoist on our petard, or something along those lines. If they do not, then I’ll have to decide what to do. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at Suimasen World HQ … GT is stalling Yumeko, I’m stalling Azazel 15, and taketori is stalling SZS 294. If you’d like to learn our advanced stalling techniques, do drop by our IRC channel and speak to one of our helpful operators…

19 Comments to “Cleanup On Aisle Ainsworth (FK 3rei 16)”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

    I checked out Comic Walker yesterday and I think it looks great. I will support whatever decision you make.

  2. O_O;;;

    Erika is a reverse lolicon… She likes loli onee-chan naked…

  3. I would say it’s probably better to leave it to them. Although I hate waiting for things, it would encourage more people to go to the site if there’s no other alternative, and more people supporting official sites = more official sites = better for the authors/publishers AND the readers (especially if they’re able to start right away so there isn’t a 18 month (or longer) waiting period), because that = more titles and less having to rely on scanlators. = = = = = Well, mainly I’m arguing for it since it’s free.

    Also, pease tell Kadokawa to put Katte ni Kaizo on there as well. What’s that? Not the original publisher? WELL, PUBLISH THIS, KADOKAWA!! *obscene gestures*

  4. Big issue is that some countries cannot access the reader

  5. So long as they’re behind, you should definitely continue. There’s certainly nothing wrong with supporting official releases, but having to wait years just to see new content wouldn’t be fun. If they do catch up, you should just do the occasional extra chapter if they don’t make them available.

  6. I like Fate Kaleid be taken into account to translate it to English legally and professionally, but if you go from the start and is monthly that would be much waiting rather work Suimasen that is very dedicated and very good quality and we are in chapter 16 and we entered a crucial stage of the saga.

  7. You should continue translating it with the notion that If they catch up to where you are, then you should let them take over.

  8. Whatever you choose is fine. I would languish without my Prisma Illya, but if you decide your time is better spent, it is after all. your time. Thank you once again for the chapter!

  9. My (vote?) is for you guys to please continue. Since they’re gonna be really far behind and you can’t download their releases (I hate using online readers) thanks

  10. Links are down for the last chapter of Illya 2wei.

  11. If you quit now, it means no Kaleid updates for a year and a half. That’s a bitch and a half.

  12. Please keep working on Kalied! Your translations are the best, and the Publus reader really isn’t that great.

  13. Continue please, I can’t acces their reader fo what ever reason.

  14. Hopefully they catch up fast, if not you guys should continue the project.

  15. We are not sur they will continue the english version if the public is not here…
    You should continue…

  16. Please continue! You all are wonderful, and I too will perish if I have to wait a year and a half. It’s great that there’s an official source, but the online reader is kind of lame… Onegaishimasu!

  17. As much as I want to support official release, waiting one and half year will kill me. So please continue.

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