Scanlators, Be Ambitious! (FK 3rei Extra 2 Pt. 2)

by slyborg

So long, and thanks for all the lolis...

So long, and thanks for all the lolis…

The power always comes from within…

>> Get 3rei Extra 2 Pt. 2 here <<
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[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: Athos Proof: pseu Raw: Paitouch]

And this marks our final work on Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA Illya. Our primary interest is in seeing the manga translated, and with Kadokawa putting out an official translation (well, one chapter anyway… (-_-)) and Paitouch @ the Beast’s Lair doing a fine job with the ongoing issues, fans of the manga are completely covered here. We were slow as fuck on the series, suimasen for that, but we’re a sorry group, it says so right on the label…

I’d like to thank my fine typesetter on 3rei, Athos; our sporadically productive scanner, localhost for our Comp Ace raws; my proofer, occasional TL checker, and arbiter of ellipses pseu; and all of our previous staffers on FK, of which only its original editor GreenTea is still with us. Fate/Kaleid was my first work as a professional (lol) scanlator, and I also thank all of our readers for putting up with my sorry efforts over the last 4 years! I also hope that Hiroyama-sensei continues to go on to bigger and better things in the future!

Athos will be using his additional free time to conquer more VNs, and I will be addressing the promised SZS chapters, plus other random Kumeta backlog as translations are available. I’m also picking up translation on the sadly languishing Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! for Vortex Scans, please look forward to new chapters hopefully soon.

More Azazel this week, maybe possibly perhaps SZS. Please wait warmly as usual…

24 Comments to “Scanlators, Be Ambitious! (FK 3rei Extra 2 Pt. 2)”

  1. Thanks for all your hard work! 😀

  2. SZS and Kumeta キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━ !!!

  3. I’ll miss your releases of it, since I got all of Liner and Zwei here~ Thanks for all of the fun times~~

  4. If you’re not going to do it, you may want to put it out there that another group may want to pick it up. While Pai’s scans are fine, he really isn’t one to be trusted to pick up a series full time (especially when he’s planning to drop off the face of the Earth for a while to play a game or something). Most of anything he does is on a whim, so yeah…

    • I dunno, the post sounds pretty final to me…

      I’ve heard Pai is kind of fickle when it comes to scanlating, but I like his work. Sure, if there is anyone out there who believes him to be unreliable and wants to pick up the series, I don’t see why they shouldn’t. In fact, please do that, I want to read the next chapter, too.

      Honestly, if it would spare me the agony of having to wait another month for a release, I’d be me more than willing to help Pai, suimasen, comic-walker, or whoever else that ends up picking up 3rei for good– but for the time being, I refuse to make anyone work under the prospect that there are two other groups entertaining the idea of doing the exact same chapter, too.

      • the thing is that Pai HIMSELF says he is unreliable. but the Suimasen guys ignored him. Plus there is the thing with him saying these last few weeks that once he gets his copy of the new Idolm@ster game, he’ll completely immerse himself in his idols.

        • Ultimately, I have to go by what someone does, not what they say, since in general people on the interwebs are full of shit. Here is what he did: Pai started putting up a few scanlated panels of 3rei, then a few pages, then most of a chapter. After he did the partial of 17, back in January-ish, I contacted him and said, basically, “so, we’re always going to be slow here, you’re doing it faster, I can provide proof or typesetting resources, why don’t you take over?” His response was, no, he probably wasn’t going to be doing any more because he’s too busy. Then he proceeded to do two full chapters.

          From what I’ve seen, Paitouch is a fan of the series, and he provides a great service in scanning and making chapters available, and he frankly has done an excellent job on the translations he has done. What exactly his motivations are in doing this on a series that wasn’t dropped and that Suimasen has been doing for 4 years I can’t tell you, all I can tell you are mine. And I fundamentally hate wasting my time, and I’m not going to work on a series where some other group or individual is going to randomly release chapters whenever they feel like it, especially if they are going to toss all of my typesetting and translating conventions out the window. I’m definitely not going to work on one where someone is doing it on an ongoing basis. As they say, third time’s the charm, so as far as I’m concerned, Pai won the 3rei Bowl. What he does with it now is up to him. If he doesn’t ever release anything ever again, I’m sure another group will pick it up, esp. with the 2wei anime coming out this summer.

          Not really the way I wanted to go out on this one, but that’s life in the big city. I guess since I sort of started doing it by random chance, appropriate that I stop the same way. I’m a big fan of Kalmia’s, though, and I may pick up Imokami-sama if I can get my hands on raws. It also seems to be done randomly by Hiroyama, which is perfect for us :p

  5. I guess this is a good time to mention that Pai is expected to abandon this 3D reality for the world of iM@S in less than a week.

    • >implying Athos won’t join him there

      Let us all not disrespect Pai’s producer skillz, he may clear the game faster than you imagine.

  6. And so 3rei falls into obscurity as all the translations dry up. :V

  7. Would you guys mind linking any raws you have for Caramel Kitsch Yuugekitai? Your last chapter was a year ago, and I don’t know whether you guys used tank or magazine raws. Thanks.

  8. If you drop Illya, I’ll find you, kill your families in front of you, rape their bodies, rape you, force you fags to watch the Tsukihime anime, then DEEN’s Fate, and after that I’ll kill you.

    Please don’t drop Illya ;_;

  9. Kotelo, that is completely uncalled for and ungrateful. Show some respect.
    Have you actually been reading this manga? Have you learned nothing?

    I understand your frustration, Slyborg. Thank you for your work on this. I hope Pai picks the rest of it up… if he doesn’t, would you consider returning to it?

    • I assume kotelo was kidding, the DEEN thing was a giveaway. (I’m wearing a fake mustache just in case, though.)

      I have confidence that Paitouch will continue, because I believe in the me that believes in him. Do the impossible, see the invisible / Row! Row! Scan the lolis!

  10. And then he’ll not do it just to spite you guys.

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