Stupid and Contagious (Joshi 41)

by slyborg

We can't believe it either...

We can’t believe it either…

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Kōji Kumeta to bring you some Kōji Kumeta+Yasu. I was randomly reading the Vol. 6 Joshiraku tankōbon and found this chapter amusing since it features zombies and Kukuru dual-wielding and randomly decided to scanlate it. This is not to be taken as indicative of a trend, since we’re a zombie scan group just waiting for that last head shot. Shop smart, shop S(uimasen)-Mart!

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TL Notes
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: pseu]

I may, or may not, do up some TL Note pages for Joshi if I continue doing more chapters, but in the interim a couple of quick notes.

  • The title in Japanese, 風邪の神送信 kaze no kami soushin is a play on 風邪の神送り, kaze no kami okuri, meaning, ‘sending off a cold caused by the spirits’. A kamiokuri is an exorcism; it was believed in ancient times that sickness was caused by evil spirits, and by sending them away, the sickness would go away as well. Soushin means to send in the sense of being transmitted; it’s the label on the ‘message send’ feature of a Japanese mobile phone.
  • The kind of odd mention of “Sid Vicious Yasu” on the final page refers to this Tweet by Yasu in which he announces that he feels the need for a last name for his handle, and decides to hold a contest to pick one, with an autographed drawing by Kumeta as a prize. The winner was “Sid Vicious” (-_-) hence he is now “Sid Vicious Yasu” on his official Twitter.

My other comment on this chapter is that it actually doesn’t seem like something Kumeta would write, and in fact comes off a lot like a Hokkenshitsu chapter. Kind of wonder if it wasn’t either Yasu himself or one of Kumeta’s assistants that actually ghostwrote this one (and others). Perks of being an established mangaka, ne.

GT claims he’s going to do the, like, 5 edits needed to finish Yumeko. But he, like all Euros, hates freedom  and those chapters will never see the light of day T_T

10 Comments to “Stupid and Contagious (Joshi 41)”

  1. I haven’t seen an update to this one in a long, long time. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Can it really be that two whole years have passed since the last update? I guess so.

    • Hm, year and a half or so I think – Umin was retranslating some of the early chapters, and then became busy. I might (or might not) do more of the chapters after what was adapted in the anime in 2012. I think they did chapters up to ~32 or so…

      • The chapter release dates at Batoto show that the last release was for chapter 14 in July 2012. A lot of cholesterol has passed through the arteries since then.

        • But I note that a few episodes were redone as late as November 2012, as you state. I was referring to the last new one.

  3. Thanks Suimasen Scans!!!!

  4. Made an RSS feed for mangos the other day. Added this series, expecting to get chapter fifteen or an earlier chapter v2 sometimes this year if I was lucky. Second time I check it, this happens. Nice work, I look forward to reading it.

  5. I ask here because I can’t find it in the archive, but do any of you people on Suimasen scans possibly have the Katteni Kaizou webm?

    I must have it.

    • I own all kinds of things regarding Katte ni Kaizō, but what do you mean by “webm”?

      • New (sort of) graphics format that supports animated sequences like GIF, but with higher compression/better quality. Although most people just convert old animated GIFs. Don’t know the one referred to by Anon though. If Bulan were still in business he could probably have made one to order, but alas…

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