Phallic Climax (Avant Garde 6 [END] + Omake)

by royalgreentea

yumekopost  Hello guys, GT here. It’s been quite a while and I’m quite happy
that I can finally bring you the final chapter of Avant Garde.

>>Get the good stuff here<<
[Translation: Umin, Typesetting: GreenTea, Proofreading: pseu + sly]

Sly’s wild delusions about me edging on the release aside,
I’ve been super busy the past 3 months with Real Life.
Not just me, Umin too…. and it doesn’t look like we won’t stop being busy anytime soon

Since she’s departing to the great moonland in a couple of months,
and I’ll probably start my job training/moving preparations/renovations/studies/performances/etc. soon …

Me and Umin will be dropping everything until things have calmed down.
I will re-do the first chapter in the spare time and the one-shot included in the volume, but don’t expect anything soon.

Have a good one – GreenTea

7 Comments to “Phallic Climax (Avant Garde 6 [END] + Omake)”

  1. We finished something \o/ Probably for the last time ;_; Good job, and good luck guys!

  2. Thank you!
    Can’t say this series was masterpiece but it was interesting to read!
    Ty gain!

  3. Well, fuck.

    Respect for coming out and saying you’re dropping stuff instead of just stalling it forever, though.

    Good luck with real life.

  4. Thanks for everything!

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