Refugee Status (SZS 251)

by slyborg

Know that feel, Meru-Meru...

Know that feel, Meru-Meru…

So it’s been brought to my attention that these guys have started releasing SZS chapters. This is useful, since we’re dead. However, we think of ourselves as being a little like Ononoki Yotsugi, so we tend to take these things in stride and thus keep releasing SZS as any self-respecting kaii scangroup would.

Timing here is actually coincidental, since it just happens that a Wild Translator suddenly appeared a couple of weeks ago and provided us with a script. Thanks to Lemon for their contribution to the cause here! A Wild Hipster also suddenly reappeared to do some proofing, and thanks as always to pseu and apologies for the lack of a right single quote character in Anime Ace ._.

>> Get SZS 251 here <<
>> Mirror <<
TL Notes
[Translator: lemon TLC: pseu Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: IO]

However, it appears somewhat unlikely that we will receive a follow-up to this, since Kumeta manga tend to repel staff like a Starfleet navigational deflector. So there may, or may not be further releases, suimasen. ✌️ Peace Peace ✌️

6 Comments to “Refugee Status (SZS 251)”


    Moy Moe is actually a one person team. NOT THAT THAT HAS ANY RELEVANCE, BUT I HAD TO SAY IT

    Anyhow, thanks! I think she only did it because you guys are mostly dead, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t care if you continued to fill in gaps anyway lol

    • Just to be clear, we’re undead 😉 We’d gone over the 6 month threshold, so no cause for complaint here, my only beef here is with Kodansha USA for not finishing what they started, which would have saved all of us a lot of work…

      • Every time I think of you
        I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue
        It’s no problem of mine
        But it’s a problem I find
        Living a life that I can’t leave behind
        But there’s no sense in telling me
        The wisdom of the fool won’t set you free
        But that’s the way that it goes
        And it’s what nobody knows
        well every day my confusion grows

        Every time I see you falling
        I get down on my knees and pray
        I’m waiting for that final moment
        You say the words that I can’t say

  2. man this manga is awesome:),never got the chance to fully read it because some chapters are missing 🙂

  3. Thanks for the new episode.

  4. Thanks for the return to life… though I kind of wished you had done 295 first. I dunno if your translator just popped up with a random chapter without your input or what, though.

    At any rate, more translated SZS makes me happy.

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