Cool Runnings (SZS 295)

by slyborg

Has Marui been featured on a blogpost before?

Has Marui been featured on a blogpost before?

So, remember when I said that this one would take less than six months? Yeah, about that…
Actually, this was finished last August, and then we were dead, so motivation was lacking, but since I was releasing things this week, finally got around to doing pseu’s proof edits. Having a good proofer is really the difference between a decent scanlation and complete shite for me at least.
In any case, this completes the chapters from SZS vol. 30, although as it happens, this one is basically completely unrelated to the final arc.

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TL Notes
[Translator: slyborg TLC: pseu Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: pseu]

Still have a couple of tank re-edits done by Oyashiro that need translation of the tank additions that I’ll try to get out the coming week. Not sure what happens after that, since we’re, you know, dead. But if the current state of the art in SZS scanlation doesn’t improve, we may have to take things in hand once again:

Don't say "Kana-chan"!

「カナーちゃんって言うな!」 PROTIP: Furigana are your friends!

And it’s correct in another panel on the same page :facepalms: See what I mean about a good proofreader?

6 Comments to “Cool Runnings (SZS 295)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode. But are you dead or is this Zombie Suimasen?


    Anyway yeah quickly release the rest! Then do Katteni Kaizou!!! Quickly!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. ty lol

    • I’m in favor of anyone doing more Kumeta. But names are one of the most important things in his works, so screwing up the names is a cardinal sin. It seems silly to go through the huge effort of a scanlation and not get that right.

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