Fate Kaleid Batch Links Updated

by slyborg



In the never-ending struggle against the forces of automated copyright trolling, those of us that want others to have nice things must be eternally vigilant. TL;DR – Project page now has updated links including the batches of the original series (of which Suimasen only did the last 4 chapters), as well as batch for 2wei. Names are slightly obfuscated to make the bot herders work harder, but no promises, eh.

Still would like to re-master the series, was working off old-school small format magraws in the dark ages of five years ago, and some of the chapters, particularly ch. 9 were off some heinous black and white Share raws. Or maybe Kadokawa will finally license the thing for English translation. It’s like they hate money…

3 Comments to “Fate Kaleid Batch Links Updated”

  1. You are right. Kadokawa hates money. I remember that they canceled Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei even though every volume was showing up on the New York Times best seller list. They are either crazy or have taken a vow of asceticism. I guess they run their firm out of a monastery and eat natto all day or something.

  2. Erm, I think there is a third volume of Fate/Kaleid Prisma Illya out now. Please get back in contact, for raws and if you might be interested in a joint with my group.

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