Belated Gifts (SZS 212)

by slyborg

szs 212-blog

Yaru yo.

This was originally intended to be a quickie package of Oya’s tank retypeset and some TL Notes in time for Valentine’s Day. Then I discovered that the available tank raws were actually missing two pages from this chapter; fortunately GreenTea still had the five year old magazine scans. Then I actually read these originals and started to discover some mistakes … lots of mistakes … actually, our original release of this chapter was kind of bad. As in please throw it away and do not look at it again, because it contains a number of howlers that we lacked the skills to avoid in those pre-Umin days. So this ended up being pretty much a redo from scratch apart from the clean and type layers, and hence missed the target date by a country mile. Anyway, pretty much lived up (or down) to our group motto here, honto ni sumimasen, sumimasen

As it happens, and as usual with Kumeta-sensei, the Valentine’s Day custom of chocolate-giving (as adapted by the Japanese) was just an excuse to launch into the topic of 下克上 gekokujō, awkwardly translated by the EDICT dictionary as “juniors dominating seniors; retainer supplanting his lord.” I chose to go with “social upheaval” as, particularly during the Edo period shogunate’s rigid social/class structure, any idea of people bucking the status quo was considered a major violation of social norms. As you of course know by now from reading our many TL Notes on the topic, the Japanese language is notable for specific linguistic patterns specifically used to signal one’s understanding and conformance to these social norms, mostly involving automatic respect/status given to those either older or of higher social class than oneself. The entire chapter dialogs reflect this, but I will just discuss one example, our release picture of Chiri. The “yaru yo” she says in Japanese uses the ‘do’ verb 遣る which is used to mean “to give” when giving to an inferior, most commonly an animal; for example  zanpan o inu ni yaru “I’m giving the leftovers to the dog.” Not using respect speech with a teacher would be rude enough, but Chiri’s “Here.” would be closer to “I’m letting you have this (not that you deserve it) you loser!” Itoshiki-sensei is of course all too aware of her skills with the shovel to take offense…

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TL Notes
[Translator: slyborg TLC/Proof: pseu Typesetters: Oyashiro, slyborg]

We here at Suimasen of course hold our readers in the highest regard, and proffer our poor attempt at translation with all humility. Please accept it!

So, I hope I didn’t discourage Moy Moe from taking up the great cause here; you see, we’re dead and it makes scanlation a slow business. I don’t usually read other translations because I don’t want to be biased, but I liked that chapter and was curious what they made of it. I actually think they did a fine job, apart from, you know, getting Nami’s name wrong … which I’m sure was a simple mistake, but given the specific importance in this manga of the character names, it was too much for me to avoid pointing out. I’d actually be happy to joint with a group with staff and time to finish SZS, having it with a couple of volumes untranslated still fills me with despair…

6 Comments to “Belated Gifts (SZS 212)”

  1. Thanks for the new episode.

  2. MOY-Moe’s email is if you want to attempt some sort of joint.

  3. i am going to read that old release forever

  4. This post has more words than the chapter itself

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