Kakushigoto Teaser

by slyborg

>mfw I released something again

>mfw I released something again

Yeah, well, this hardly qualifies as a release, eh. But Kumeta-sensei has a new series in the works, after the demise of Sekkachi in January. We’ll see if this offering does any better. Hopefully this isn’t some kind of nostalgia farewell tour for him, but doesn’t look promising, since the other thing he’s done lately is the “Studio Pulp” greatest hits collection in Le Paradis. A thousand apologies for the screencaps, but couldn’t find real raws, and also don’t have a real redrawer, so as always, suimasen.

>> Get Kakushigoto Preview here <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

So, sasuga Kumeta, the manga title has a double meaning. ‘Kakushigoto’ as 隠し事 means ‘a secret’, written as 描く仕事 means ‘a drawing/illustrating job’. So the last page final panel literally says ‘the kakushigoto was kakushigoto‘. You’d think he’d get tired of this after 20 years, but it’s what the man does, ne.

3 Comments to “Kakushigoto Teaser”

  1. Thanks for the release 🙂

  2. Thanks for everything, Slyborg.

    Hope your life and other Suimasenscans member full with hope and dream.

  3. Double meanings never get old.

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