Math Problems (Root Paradise Ch. 15)

by slyborg


In 10 years nobody will know what a ‘newspaper’ is

Our friends at [Kicchiri] have taken up the banner of scanlating the current works of Kumeta-sensei, but are too clever to undertake this effort for some of his earlier and … shall we say less ambitious works. tabv is a mathematician by trade, and modeling Suimasen as a Turing machine he realized that the halting problem for a scanlation group is undecidable. So he basically tricked me into doing this.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 15 <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: totally-not-slyborg]

It was always something of an irritation to me that we never actually finished any of Kumeta’s stuff besides one-shots, and RootP, while something he probably would rather forget, is probably my only chance. So please wait warmly for the next 9000 years until we finish.

Ridiculously cold here in the central US even for December … kind of a welcome distraction to join Haruhei on his resort island … for as long as he gets to stay there. Ne.


4 Comments to “Math Problems (Root Paradise Ch. 15)”

  1. I just wish I had time for Kumeta’s most iconic work.

    >So he basically tricked me into doing this.
    You know it was pretty straightforward:
    1. You assume that sly would halt.
    2. Then plug GT into sly, if you catch my drift.
    3. It’ll fuel your nights for a good period.
    4. ???
    5. Profit! (related:

    PS: When the RootP OVAs are released, will you be working on the subs as well?

  2. Wow, didn’t expect to ever see another chapter of this series! Thanks very much for the release, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait so long for the next chapter! 😉

    Also, thanks!

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